Kareena:Marriage,Shahid,Hrithik,Priyanka..and more!

23 02 2010

Ever so often, there are rumours of you and Saif having had a secret nikaah at Pataudi. Your comment?
We have been together for two-and-half years now. We are very happy. Marriage will happen, but it hasn’t happened. At some point, we are going to settle down but we don’t know when. And catch me doing anything secretly! Anything about my life has been so much in the open. Why would I break my record and go have a hush-hush wedding? I am the last unmarried Kapoor girl in the family and I want a grand wedding… I want to be a beautiful bride but right now, I am too busy being a bride on the big screen.

Saif once told me that he is ready to get married but that it wouldn’t be fair to you because like it or not, an actress’ stock gets affected.
That’s why I love him so much more.

So where does that leave a Bachchan, a Kapoor and a Roshan?
I would love to work with Hrithik. I think he is one of the finest actors in the country but surprisingly, no one is offering us films together, can you believe that. I am sure we will work together at some point.

Do you ever see Shahid and you coming together?
I am professional, and I am sure Shahid is as well. And I don’t see why we shouldn’t work together, if there is a good script, and if we both have good roles.

What’s happening to Milenge Milenge, an old commitment?
It’s like a seven-year-old film. I just want it to release for Satishji (Kaushik) and Boneyji’s (Kapoor) sake, so they can get out of the stress. (shrugs) But it is an old film.

If asked to name an actress you consider your closest rival, you’d pick…
The truth is, I think everyone is running a race. I am not. I know where I am. I am competing with myself. And if that wasn’t the case, I don’t think I would have films like 3 Idiots, Kurbaan, Omkara, Chameli, or Jab We Met. Also, the problem is, my closest rival keeps changing. Every year, a new name is touted. I don’t want to name anyone, but I think in the last few years, I have been compared to five different names.

So let me name them… Bipasha, Katrina, Priyanka, Deepika, and Sonam…
(Laughs) I am not naming anyone… let me just say that all these comparisons have never bothered me.

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