Celeb Diary: Kareena Kapoor 25-02-2010

25 02 2010

11 AM: Up and about. Lots of work today. Am shooting as well as Rehearsing. Sipping my tea… staring outside my window… I wait for my lovely yoga teacher.

12 AM: Today, I work out on my abs along with yoga for a full-blown hour.

1.30 PM: Quick lunch as I hate to skip my meals. It’s not good. Eat alone and in a total hurry!

2 PM: Reach Mehboob. Am shooting for the cover of L’Officiel. I like photo shoots now. Hated them earlier. I reach, meet everyone and while having my green tea, Subu and Pompy start working their magic with make-up and hairstyling. The jhali to a diva for the cover.

4 PM: I get into outfit and start. Avinash shoots fast and well�€¦ I start my posing to the music. The concept is “power”.

5 PM: I have “Airtel” my ad guys come with their team and director to narrate the script. I’m supposed to shoot with them next month. Discussions start while I break for my meeting.

5.30 PM: Changed and back to “pouting”! Hahahahaha. I start feeling hungry and so send Prakash home to make me a yummy veggie sandwich.

8 PM: Wrap-up after five changes! Fun! Run straight to Yash Raj for rehearsal. Enjoying running around today. But traffic will destroy me. Missing Samu, my jaan.

11 PM: Reached home! A nice warm shower. A hot meal of vegetable noodle soup and my fav TV Show Three’s Company. Relaxed!

12.30 PM: Today’s song is “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra. For my banging day and because Nancy’s voice is so peaceful.

source : mid-day




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