Aishwarya refuses to come to awards!

27 02 2010

Aishwarya Rai is an angry young lady nowadays. And she isn’t in the mood to forget or forgive the tabloid that recently published a report of her having pregnancy problems because of stomach tuberculosis.

Now, the Bachchan bahu rani has boycott an award ceremony because the function is associated with the mother company of that same tabloid.

Main nahi nachhongi no matter how strong the lure of lucre. That’s the message Ash seems to be sending.

According to media reports, Ash has backed out of performing at the award function for which she was offered a staggering Rs 85 lakhs. This was the only event for which she had agreed to perform this year.

Ash is demanding an apology from the tabloid and her parivar is with her, supporting this decision. She has even mailed the tabloid about the slanderous report and asked for an apology but none has come from the tabloid till now.

Seen her beauty, now see her anger!




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