Gossip: After Shahid, Priyanka loses gal pal!

27 02 2010

Most would agree that it is difficult to remain friends with a former flame.

But the same holds true even when it comes to the former flame’s close friends. A case in point is Priyanka Chopra, who got extremely close to Shahid Kapoor’s close friend Mubina Rattonsey. She’s now had a major fall out with her.

As reported earlier, Mubina and Shahid were at one point more than close friends, but that was before he got into a relationship with Priyanka.

Mubina was close to both Shahid and Priyanka. But this awkward proximity caused more harm than good. A source reveals, “Shahid never liked Priyanka’s growing friendship with Mubina. During the period they were seeing each other, they had fought about this because Shahid believed Mubina would try to influence Priyanka against him. After their break up, Priyanka continued her friendship with Mubina. In fact they got even closer and Priyanka would often confide in her.”

The source continues, “But it seems that whatever Priyanka was saying to Mubina didn’t remain just between them. Recently Priyanka discovered that certain things she had told Mubina about Shahid were reaching him and this really irked her. She confronted Mubina the first time this happened but she denied leaking out information. But it happened again and Priyanka just decided to stop confiding things to Mubina.”

So now the former gal pals are keeping their distance. “Priyanka used to trust Mubina and felt lighter after discussing her personal matters with her. But she never thought that her trust would be betrayed,” adds the source.


MY WORD: TOTAL GOSSIP , but you can decide 🙂




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