Bips towering,Deepika lovely & Katrina awesome:SRK

28 02 2010


Before getting some shut-eye after an exhausting night co-hosting the 55th Idea Filmfare Awards 2009 with Saif Ali Khan, Shah Rukh decided to do some tweeting.

He said, “Friends tell me that I shouldn’t make fun of myself at shows. I believe if I can’t laugh at myself, I have no right to ask you to laugh with me.” He added, “Saif was marvellous…& I had a good time.”

On the girls, SRK commented, “Vidya Balan looked ravishing..Bipasha towering…Deepika lovely & Katrina awesome. Missed Kareena…” He also had thanks to hand out, to “Kiran Kotria and Veerdas & his team for the script. Alpa. Mushtaq. Great inputs. Hope people find it as much fun as much as we had making it. All the girls who help us backstage…Ganesh fantastic dancers…thanx for making it so easy and nice. Nothing without you.”

To Shahid Kapoor, who performed live to Michael Jackson’s This Is It, he said, “You were awesome. Well done, my man. God bless you…you are a treat to watch dancing.”

The show will be telecast on Sony on March 7.





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