Meet Shahid Shanatics!

2 03 2010

Shahid Kapoor has a huge fan following in India and abroad. Most are girls between the age of 13 and 25. Some of the younger girls have got fan sites where they exchange a lot of info and banter about him.

They keep abreast with all his daily social activities and award functions and appearances. Some of them sitting in Australia and UK have come up with these names:
Shamrita- fans who love Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao
Shanatics — fans who are fanatic about Shahid Kapoor. They all seriously refer to each other as Shanatics.
Shayanka — fans gave this name to Shahid and Priyanka’s jodi in Kaminey. This is the section that wants the jodi to do more films and make them happy.
Shanelia — fans gave this name to Shahid and Genelia’s jodi in Chance Pe Dance.
Sharashtra — all the places in the world where Shahid rules.
Shak — that’s another name for him.
Sasha — that’s a name that his friends actually use for him. It’s also very popular online, though this has not originated online.
Fafha — that’s the F equivalent of Shasha.
Fahid — of course… that’s hugely popular now thanks to the F language of Kaminey.
Shonamuni and Charlie Boy — are both take-offs from Kaminey too.
Shasome — is what they think Shahid is, so also Shantastic.
Sharricane — is the hurricane that is Shahid
Shanatics reside in Shashaland.

Incidentally, the girl fans are called Kaminies and Charlie’s Angels.

My Word: GO SHANATICS and all the other names 🙂




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