Ranbir’s Youngistaan!

4 03 2010

Keeping this ultra cool young generation as its inspiration, Pepsi has launched its latest campaign for 2010 ‘Youngistaan ka WOW’, which celebrates the spirit of Youngistaan, the audacious self-belief, a principle and belief that the youth of today live by.

‘Youngistaan ka WOW’ celebrates the youngsters, who are smart, confident and spontaneous. They surprise the world with their thoughts and smart acts, acts that just make the world around them go ‘Wow’! And while the youth of today create wow with their confidence and wits, Pepsi – the cola, continues to wow with its refreshment!

As a part of this campaign, Pepsi has launched a new thematic TVC that highlights the ‘wow’ of the Pepsi drinker. Shot in Los Angeles in the United States, the  film revolves around Ranbir Kapoor’s chase for a Pepsi, and how he gets the last Pepsi reserved for the US president. So what does the youth ambassador Ranbir have to say? “Pepsi refreshes the youth and it’s the youth that makes the world go wow. The two go together. For me ‘Youngistaan ka Wow’ reflects what we see around us, the youth making things happen, achieving things their own way and on their own terms,” he says.

In 2008, Pepsi had introduced the concept of Youngistaan. Within two years, Youngistaan has become a term that encapsulates today’s youth and has branded this young, confident generation.




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