Sonam to save Masakali!!

11 03 2010

Sonam Kapoor charmed everyone with her song Massakali in Delhi-6. For Sonam, it wasn’t just a melodious song, she also developed something of a bond with the pigeon in it during the shooting of the film.

So when Sonam learnt about the number of birds getting wounded and killed due to the glass coated thread or manjha used in kite flying, she has written a letter to Home Minister RR Patil requesting him to ban the use of manjha in the state.

In the letter, Sonam says, “As a way to help protect both human and animal lives, I humbly request your support for the recent ban on manjha in Mumbai as well as your immediate action to extend the ban throughout Maharashtra.”

Sonam also expressed shock over the number of deaths – including human casualties – during festivals like Makar Sankranti. The  actor was shocked to learn that a boy in Mumbai almost lost his life due to glass-coated manjha.

“A youth was nearly decapitated by a manjha string while riding his bicycle. Such needless loss of life has moved me to take action for the sake of humans and birds alike. The use of manjha may be a source of  entertainment for some, but for many families – human and bird – who lose their loved ones, it is a tragedy,” Kapoor further said in her letter. Is anyone listening?





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