Katrina & Deepika to root for same IPL team!

12 03 2010

 The two actresses who have made it clear on several occasions that they want to stay as far away from each other, have now signed up to support Vijay Mallya’s team Royal Challengers for the upcoming IPL season.

The last time they two actresses came face-to-face, they both turned the other way and walked away. So it will be interesting to see them on the same platform.

No clashes
An insider reveals, “Despite them cheering for the same team, the two actresses have ensured they don’t ever come face to face. A source reveals, “Everything has been worked out to make sure things don’t get uncomfortable for either of them. While Katrina will be travelling with the team all over, Deepika will only cheer for the matches played in Bangalore. Their schedules have also been worked out to ensure there are no clashes between the two.”

Deepika has been approached because of her passion and interest in sports. A source says, “Deepika is very attached to Bangalore and has a huge fan following at home. Also she is very enthusiastic about promoting sports. She will be present for the teams matches in Bangalore and support them.”




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