Priyanka win National Awards!!

19 03 2010

With a National Award in her kitty, Priyanka Chopra continues to revel in “Fashion”

“I have found out that I am one of the youngest actresses to win the National Award. To me it’s cool,” says Priyanka Chopra.

Priyanka, who has won the award for playing a complex character in Fashion, is right for Bollywood actresses generally turn to award winning directors and scripts when they are towards the end of their career. “I have never planned my career. I don’t come from a film background, have taken baby steps to this stage, but one thing I had clear in my head that acting is about versatility. I didn’t say no to a negative role in Aitraaz and was not unduly perturbed because Meghna Mathur (the character she played in Fashion) had shades, which are not expected of a typical Hindi film heroine.

And even now I am doing Anjana Anjani, an out and out romantic film but at the same time I am preparing myself for what could be the role of the lifetime in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf, where I am playing a lady who has had seven men in her life. And by the end of the year I would be doing some high-class action in the sequel of Don.”

Interestingly, in an industry where after a few hits, actresses become loyal to certain banners, Priyanka has been in demand across the banners. She is as popular with Bhardwaj and Bhandarkar as she is with Roshans, Chopras and Johars. “I am not here to make friends. Yes, you tend to get close while shooting but at the end of the day it is all professional. People say I am diplomatic. I say I am Gandhian in my thought. I expect directors to cast me only if I suit a character they have in mind. Also, my family has never put me in a do or die kind of situation. To me acting is like any another job and like any other industry there are good and not so good people here.”

She agrees it is easier said than done. “I don’t believe in the theory that the actor should relate with the character somewhere. I feel the challenge lies in playing a character which I don’t identify with. I tell myself how I would react, if I am put in such a situation. Like the one in Saat Khoon Maaf. Here the challenge is to play a complex biographical role at a young age.”

Director’s actor

In the last few months we have seen her giving authentic performances in some not-so-good films. The latest being Pyaar Impossible, where she makes the film at least watchable. Has she moved beyond the tag of director’s actor? “I am improving but I still depend a lot on my directors. I still can’t judge the meat in a script. I was circumspect about my ability to do justice to Fashion before Madhur convinced me and initially, I refused Kaminey as I thought it is a male film with barely half-a-dozen scenes for me. Vishal followed me to Miami and convinced me. He proved right as Sweety turned out to be a strong character, which I believe stayed with the audience.”

~The Hindu

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