Shahid takes a break!

19 03 2010

After shooting and promoting “Chance Pe Dance,” fit dancer and talented actor Shahid Kapoor has come out to say that he is planning on taking a break from acting! What? How can this be? Fans across the globe will go crazy!

Well, no need to panic! Shahid is only slowing down his schedule for a month or so, in between movies, and before starting to work on his next projects. Phew!

“There I was working non-stop on films where I was shooting, dubbing or promoting them. However, now that I am relatively free, I am enjoying every moment of it. It is a period of unemployment for me and though I won’t say that it is a good thing for any actor, a momentary break is anytime welcome. At least this way, I can use this break to reflect on the work I have done and analyze myself,” Shahid recently told reporters.

And we don’t blame the cool dancer from wanting to slow down, everyone needs a break every now and then and we wouldn’t want Shahid to take the same route as Katrina Kaif who keeps collapsing on the set of her movies all the time!

“As an actor, you can’t leave anything incomplete and hence your concentration is totally on the film you are on, and there is no headspace either to think about anything else. It is just when you are in a situation like I am in today that your professional life goes from fifth gear to first gear and you start reflecting on the past, present and future,” Shahid continued.

So true, so true! So let’s hope that the “Dil Bole Hadippa!” star enjoys his break from acting and comes back better and stronger than ever!





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