I’m rooting for Shahrukh:Kangna

21 03 2010

She neither follows sports news, nor has ever watched a T20 game. So, what made Kangna Ranaut go to Eden Gardens to watch SRK’s knights flight Dhoni’s kings?

You were recently spotted at Eden Gardens cheering SRK’s team on against Dhoni’s boys. What prompted you to go to the stadium?
The IPL fever is high and having never seen a T20 game before, I was quite interested in experiencing this myself. The event organisers had invited me to come for the match. I had the evening open. So, I decided to go.

How much of a cricket buff are you? Do you read the sports pages of a paper or rather follow the articles on sportstars that are published in the entertainment sections of newspapers?
Honestly, I’ve never been a sports person. My interests were always more inclined towards the arts — dancing, music, drama. I don’t follow sporting news either. But, I must say the match was very interesting and I found myself praying hard for Shah Rukh’s team, who I am really rooting for.

Do you understand the technicalities of the game? Can you tell between a third man and gulley?
I understand the game broadly and so can follow it. I understand how a batsman gets out, how runs are scored and the eventual goal of the game. But, the finer nuances are not something I’m so familiar with. I did really enjoy the match though I wish Team Kolkata had won!

With stars buying IPL teams, how difficult is the choice of deciding which team to root for?
I’ve not been following the matches per se or taking sides. But, I’m definitely cheering for Team Kolkata at the moment. And they’ve been playing so well this season. It’s early days yet, so fingers crossed!

Are IPLs also increasing the feelings of camps in Bollywood? Isn’t being present on the grounds for a particular star owner of an IPL team also an indication of who you are aligned to?
I have not experienced this really. I would definitely try and attend any event a friend invited me to if I did not have a prior commitment like a shoot or something.

There are matches being played in Himachal Pradesh. Do you plan to go there too? Have you ever played cricket as a child?
I have never played cricket, but I have heard that the Himachal grounds are stunning. I am shooting for six movies that release this year. So, it is an exceptionally busy time. I don’t think I will be able to attend those matches, but I would love to if I was free.

Cricketers today have a very hectic schedule with a lot of travel. Would you be game being in a relationship with someone with such hectic travel schedules? Or would you prefer someone who is more stationed since your own profession requires you to travel a lot and long distance relationships sometimes don’t work?
I don’t think you can choose who you are going to fall in love with. Each relationship has its own great aspects and challenges. So, I will take that as it comes and when it does.

If you are offered to do a film on women’s cricket, would the idea excite you?
I’d be interested in doing any good script with a good director, cast etc. It would really depend on the story. So, if it is a good script, sure why not?




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