Is it Ranbir or Salman for Katrina?

22 03 2010

Strong reports suggest that when Salman Khan boarded the flight for Chennai on March 21 to participate in the IPL bid, his steady girl Katrina Kaif accompanied him.

Now there are reports saying that Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina will tour different parts of India to promote their film Rajneeti. In fact the makers are getting added mileage out of this plain and simple promotion tour. That be as it may, Bollywood is neither interested in the cricket or in the Rajneeti politics. What every curious bystander wishes to know is — who is Kat with in her personal life. Is she with Salman her mentor or is she with Ranbir as the gossip mills suggest. Some insiders suggest that this will be a closely contested match and no, it will not be played out in a cricket stadium. Who bowls this maiden over is something one will have to wait and watch. In the meantime the industry is busy hedging their bets on the two Bollywood superstars.




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