Shero No. 1 : Shahrukh to Priyanka :)

25 03 2010

In a recent tweet, Shah Rukh Khan called priyanka chopra a ‘shero’, a heroine who is as good as a hero, if not better…

What is Priyanka Chopra’s secret formula?

Feeling good equals looking good. And boy, does she look good! Hear from the star herself what keeps her twinkling so bright….

You are endorsing the new Lux Body Wash range…

Four products have been launched and my favourite is Soft Luxury. I am a big body wash user. This is the re-launch of the body wash range; Lux has had body washes for a while. I like Soft Luxury because I have relatively dry skin and it is an extremely moisturising body wash. When you come out of the shower you already feel very moisturised and you feel great. That for me is very important.

Who do you think can match SRK in the Lux tub?

I don’t think anybody can match SRK in the tub! Come on… SRK is my favourite, you can’t expect me to pick! I would only like to see SRK and I am so upset that I wasn’t part of that commercial.

You are glowing more by the day. What’s your secret?

I am just happy I think (laughs)! When you are happy, your radiance shows. It is very, very important to feel good to be able to look good.

Which designer are you wearing these days?

I don’t really wear clothes according to designers. I prefer to pick designers according to the clothes. It really depends on the event I am going to and what I am comfortable in at that point.

Any hand-me-down beauty tips from your mother?

Water and only water. My mom always spanks me into drinking water. It is also very important to use the right kind of soap or body wash because soap has a tendency to take away the moisture from your skin. I know this because I have dry skin. So it is very important to use a moisturising body wash or soap. Then, of course, moisturise as much you can.

Are you following the IPL?

I have actually not had the opportunity to watch as much because I have just been all over the country. I am really grateful because a lot of my friends are participating and are a part of the IPL. So if I started taking sides, I’d be in a lot of trouble! I am glad that I have not been able to follow.

Are you cheering for any team?

None! In fact, whenever there is a match, I am cheering for the team that is losing. I am always for the underdog (laughs).

On the film front, are you ready to kill seven husbands?

I am very, very nervous about it actually. I am just finishing Anjaana Anjaani. Saat Khoon Maaf is a completely different film from Anjaana Anjaani. So, there will be two very different films that will be coming out this year for me.




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