I am very much single:Sonam Kapoor

26 03 2010

Though rumours are doing the rounds that actor Sonam Kapoor is reportedly dating Punit Malhotra, the director of her forthcoming movie Aisha, she rubbishes it off saying it is ‘mere gossip’.
She says, “I am very much single and all the talk about Punit and me dating each other is baseless and mere gossip. When I see a man, I will flaunt him. Why should I do it secretively? I would like to be an equal partner in a relationship. I’m not at an age where I can take chances with a man and I don’t believe in casual dates. My man has to be intelligent and should have a great sense of humour. Most importantly, he should see me as his equal.”
For the actor, acting is all about experimenting, pushing herself towards new challenges. “I like challenges to be constantly thrown at me. As actors always you have to be ready to be pushed. I need to get out of my comfort zone and try out new things to become a complete actor and I’m willing to walk that line. Nor can I be someone who has box office success and neither can I be someone with just critical acclaim. The right balance of both is necessary for me,” she says.
Right from the time she made her debut with Saawariya, Sonam has signed only one movie at a time. So why is she so selective considering that it’s still early days for her in the industry? “I get very engrossed with any project and that’s why I look to just do one thing at a time. I don’t think I’m a good multi-tasker when it comes to doing multiple movies at the same time. I like getting into a character and staying in it till I don’t wrap up. For me, acting is a very draining experience and I get attached to all my roles. So, I look to complete one and then go to the next project. That way I feel I do justice to each of my roles,” she says.
The DNA After Hrs Style Award winner for the Trendiest Next Generation Star says her sense of style is being effortless. “Style should be individualistic and it should come effortlessly. When forced, it shows. So, be original and confident. What you wear should reflect your attitude. That works for me. I always have my own fundas,” she signs off.




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