Sonam paired opposite Shahid in Mausam!

28 03 2010

Shahid Kapoor’s father Pankaj Kapur has finally selected a girl for him. The girl who will play the main lead opposite Shahid in ‘Mausam’. And there was no nationwide hunt for her; she just appealed to Mr. Kapur who is turning director for the first time with this film.

Dhan Tana! She is the sweet and svelte Sonam Kapoor, who gets a chance to work with Shahid for the first time. But it hasn’t been easy for the actress as the director is a stickler for discipline.

As a tabloid reports, during workshops, Sonam got her first lesson from Pankaj. And it was a lesson in punctuality. We hear that whenever Sonam arrived late for the workshop, she found the classes cancelled. It was Kapur senior’s way of making her realize the importance of punctuality.

For the movie, Shahid has taken a break from his other assignments. Let’s see what Pankaj will bring out on the big screen with the Shahid-Sonam pair.


~Thanks to Shahid Kapoor Facebook page 🙂

My Word: Can’t wait to see these two together on the big screen 🙂




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