Priyanka fights allergies and moves on!

30 03 2010

Recently, while shooting for a reality show, Priyanka Chopra couldn’t stop sneezing and that’s when she discovered that she was allergic to dust. Despite being aware of her allergy, the actress continued to shoot for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf in one of the dustiest locations in Kashmir.

A source reveals, “On Friday morning, the team was shooting in an extremely dusty site in Kashmir, which was making Priyanka uncomfortable. But like a thorough professional, she continued to shoot without complaining about it.”

Fortunately for Priyanka, her earlier sneezing experience has made her a veteran at handling the ‘tickly’ situation. The source continues, “During the break, Priyanka started sneezing. Since she has been through this earlier, she immediately took the necessary precautions. But she didn’t mention her allergy to the  director. People thought that it was the cold Kashmir weather, which was making her sneeze.”

Once a sneezer, always a sneezer. “After pack-up, Priyanka headed to her hotel where she got some respite, but the sneezing didn’t stop completely. The next morning, her nose betrayed her again but she was fine after she took care of it,” adds the source.

Priyanka didn’t really think it was a big deal and says, “I believe you gotta do, what you gotta do for your  film.”

My Word: GO PRANKS!! 🙂




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