Priyanka to endorse Kashmir??

2 04 2010

Priyanka on sets of SKM in Kashmir:BAK

If Amitabh Bachchan can be the brand ambassador for Gujarat, Priyanka Chopra seems more than willing to play an equivalent role for Kashmir. And the buzz is that she is being actively considered by the State government’s Tourism department for just that.

After a week-long shooting schedule in the Valley, Priyanka is clearly enamoured by all things Kashmiri. In fact so idyllic was the trip that she is determined to return at the earliest — this time, with her entire family.

“I was in Kashmir two years ago for work and even this time, it’s for work. But I’m coming back here very soon with all my loved ones for a holiday. I was working non-stop for the film and got no time to just relax and soak in the clean air and natural beauty of the Valley. I want to come back just for that, and not for work.”

In fact, Priyanka wants to publicly urge other film units in Bollywood to shoot in the Valley. “It’s absolutely safe here. The Tourism department and security personnel were impeccable in their hospitality. Not for a second did I feel there was any danger. I must say I’m leaving Kashmir very reluctantly and can’t wait to be back,” said Priyanka on Tuesday evening, while packing her bags.

Another factor that made her visit to the Valley so memorable was the poetry. Playing a shy Muslim mohtarrma in Vishal Bharadwaj’s film, she was wooed earnestly by Irrfan Khan with poetry written by Gulzar. Sighs the actress. “I’ve always been Gulzar saab’s biggest fan and it has been my sincere wish to work with him. This is the closest I’ve come to his creativity. Actually, it couldn’t get any better … the most beautiful place on earth and Gulzar saab’s poetry.” Indeed.



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