Kangna Ranaut on HiBlitz! Cover

4 04 2010

If there is someone who can look stunning in black and as well as in coloured, then, it’s none other than Kangna Ranaut. And to get a real life experience of the same, you don’t have to swim across the seven seas. All that you need to do is simply get your hands on the latest edition of Hi! Blitz.

‘Steel Magnolias’ is what the headline states about a never before interview. It is in this interview, wherein, she states all about the A-Z about her life. Full marks to the conceptualizer as well as the photographer for having presented Kangna like never before and maybe never after! She does go on record to say that, “It’s shameful for me to be only 22. When I am in the middle of intense conversations with people, I avoid questions about my age. I have a mind of 45-50 year-old-woman, which is scary. I don’t like to tell people my age. When I have conversations with producers and directors, it’s at a very human level and that’s how I treat people older than me. I can’t connect with people of my age: for me they are way too young. In a way, I have accepted that I feel way too old.”

This is just a glimpse of what to expect in this edition of Hi! Blitz.




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