Ranbir Kapoor as a director!!

4 04 2010
Nowadays Ranbir Kapoor is fairly available in media glare, who is hardly in a race to bag films and endorsements projects, the reason may be due to his new interest for direction.
Reportedly it is heard that the actor is planning to take some time off at the year end to go behind the camera and direct a film.   
He has plan to revive his ancestor’s work RK banner and is assisting Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a close source of Ranbir revealed, “When he decided he wanted to join Bollywood, his plans were to revive the RK banner and direct films. And that’s why he decided to assist Sanjay Leela Bhansali. However, when acting offers came his way, he took them on. However, all those in his inner circle always knew that it was a matter of time before Ranbir would direct. That’s something he is extremely passionate about.”
He was shortly seen busy working with a script for his film which he is going to direct and his experienced father is giving a helping hand, the source mentioned, “He is very keen to take the RK banner back to where it was during his grandfather’s days. He is looking at directing a feel-good family movie… Something that would make the late Raj Kapoor very proud. His parents, especially his father, are helping him every step of the way. He has a lot of encouragement from both his uncles too for reviving the RK banner.”
Ranbir cited, “It’s not a case of choosing one over the other. I would like to revive the RK banner. And it won’t be easy. But I plan to work as hard on doing that as I do on my acting.”
It is in the blood of Kapoor family  to trade into this profession versatily. So why not Ranbir?
My word: I think people would love to see him direct but would love to see him on screen more!! Not sure how it will work out!!



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