Aamir fond of both Katrina and Kareena!

21 04 2010

As per the latest tabloids reports, Aamir Khan known as ‘Mr. Perfectionist,’ revealed in an interview that he considers both Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif as his favorite actresses.

In the interview Aamir had all praises for both Bollywood divas and he also said that he believes Bebo and Kat are two extremely talented actresses in the industry today.

 Generally, the reserved actor shy’s away from media and tries his best not to answer questions that are not related to the event he’s attending at that point of time. However, this time he pleasantly shocked the media with the open praise.

Aamir full of praises for the ladies
Reportedly, Aamir and Kareena Kapoor became quite good friends on the sets of the film ‘3 Idiots.’ After witnessing Bebo’s dedication and hard work, Aamir was totally impressed with the actress.

 Even Kareena is full of praises for the talented actor and leaves no opportunity to praise Aamir on his work ethics and professionalism.

As per Kareena, Aamir is wonderful actor, who’s always concerned about giving his best and making his character look authentic onscreen.

On the other hand, Aamir and Katrina, who have not done any films together so far, leave no stone unturned to praise each other. Both met for a photo-shoot that was a tribute to the legendary actor Guru Dutt and actress Waheda Rehman in the film ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’, after which Aamir got impressed with Katrina because of her charisma.

Aamir’s favorite actresses not quite fond of each other?
Aamir might have declared that Bebo and Kat are his favorite actresses but interestingly, tabloids are always filled with stories of how both actresses avoid each other.

Reportedly, Kareena is allergic to Kat’s name ever since media started to compare her with the foreign babe. It seems like the feeling is mutual as tabloids report that Kat looked extremely irritated when someone compared her to the other Bollywood ladies.

Presently, both actresses are doing their best to be the reigning queen of Bollywood.



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