I’m willing to work with Kareena again:Shahid

21 04 2010

A lot has happened, in your life, since Jab We Met

True. All for good I guess. I’ve become more mature and responsible, understood my flaws and learned from my mistakes.

And what would they be?

I think we all prefer to keep our flaws and mistakes to ourselves. I learned from them and that’s all that matters. Same with my strengths. So, yeah, life has been good and challenging. I am taking it as it comes.

We also read reports that you are doing Air Force training for Mausam?

Yes. I am playing an Air Force pilot in the film, and I think it is important that I do some background research. It involves a lot of national security issues, but if I get the permission it is nice to learn something.

What is happening with Milenge Milenge?

I have done my part and am promoting the film. I am doing what I am asked to.

 Will you be promoting it with Kareena Kapoor?

I don’t know. If I am asked to, sure.

Would you work with her again?

Nothing has been offered to us yet but yeah, why not?

What about Mausam? The film is already creating quite a buzz…

True. It’s funny but nice that the film is being talked about so much, even before shooting. Shooting starts soon and I’ll be able to talk more about it then.



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