First Look: Salman Khan’s Dabangg Shoot in Dubai!

2 05 2010

Bollywood star Salman Khan’s film shoot in Dubai at the Khalid bin Walid station on Friday was honeymoon-perfect, says the actor.

It was the first time that a Bollywood song sequence was shot at a Dubai Metro station.

“We wanted to keep it realistic. Very real. I play a corrupt cop from a small village in Bihar and Dubai was a perfect location because it’s a perfect blend of the east and the west. We are very comfortable here and the crime rate is zero,” said Khan, addressing a few reporters late on Saturday.

“Even the locals speak our language, they understand Hindi and speak English. It feels like an exotic foreign country but you are not travelling eight hours or feeling handicapped.”

In the film, the Dubai metro appears in a dream sequence where Khan, who plays a small-time cop, serenades his bride, played by debutante Sonakshhi Sinha.

“We shot on all the three levels: near the ticketing counter, at the station and there is a scene where Sonakshi gets into the train leaving me behind. We are not running around trees anymore, now we are doing it around trains.”

Dabangg, an action drama, is slated to release during Eid….




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