I follow my heart:Mughda Godse

12 05 2010

She comes from a totally non-filmi background and is just three-movies-old in Bollywood, but Mugdha Godse trusts her own instinct when it comes to taking up new projects.

The actress, who got her first big break in Bollywood with Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Fashion’ two years ago, credits her own good judgement for the choices she made.

“I am a hardcore Leo who doesn’t listen to anyone. That’s the way I have always been, I follow my heart. I have come from Pune to Mumbai on my own and this is the way I intend to stay on in this industry as well,” Mugdha told PTI.

After debuting with Madhur Bandarkar’s ‘Fashion’, the former model went on to do ‘All The Best’ which raked in the moolah at the box-office.

Though her third release ‘Jail’, again with Bhandarkar, didn’t do well commercially it was critically acclaimed. The actress then signed on a horror film ‘Help’ opposite Bobby Deol, a decision that surprised many.

But the 27-year-old actress is unapologetic about her choice and says that though the younger Deol brother may have hit a slump, he still is in a class of his own.

“When it comes to Bobby, he has his own legacy. Working with Deols is always good fun. I have always been a big fan of Dharamji and Sunny. They have a class of their own. He is a thorough gentleman and a very nice co-star to work with,” said the actress.

Mughdha believes in moving at a slow but steady pace in Bollywood and has no plans to go on a signing spree.
“Honestly speaking, it is the script of ‘Help’ which attracted me a lot. There were offers but I did not want to sign up films for the sake of it. When I look back, at least half of these films didn’t even take off. But then I guess my good judgement paid off here,” said the actress.

Mugdha believes that it is not the so called ‘market value’ of the stars which results in a film’s success, but it’s the script which matters the most.

“Everyone has good and bad times. It is a matter of one Friday that can change your destiny. What one should look at is the script. Whenever a film works, it does because of it’s script and not the stars. Stars help when it comes to the opening but beyond that it’s the script that works,” she said.

The actress who entered Bollywood after spending many years as a model, says that though she follows nothing but her own instinct when it comes to choosing films, she does have a few trusted friends she turns to for advice.

“Since I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some really senior and respected people, I do listen to their comments and their point of views. But then eventually I do what makes me feel alright,” she said.
‘Help’, produced by Sanjay Ahluwalia and Vinay Chowksey, the makers of another horror film ‘Click’ and directed by Rajiv Virani is aiming for a June/July release.




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