I’d rather be fully Indian: Deepika

16 05 2010

Now the story can be told. You know, don’t you, that the gorgeous Deepika Padukone shimmered down the red carpet at Cannes on Friday wearing a saree by designer Rohit Bal.

There’s a reason why she chose the Indian national costume for her first major international appearance. The actress told BT from the French Riviera, “When I started modelling, I promised myself that whenever I attend an international event, I’d wear a saree and not western clothes. I get enough opportunities at home to wear western clothes. When I’m seen at an international event I’d rather be fully Indian.”

She cleverly declined to comment on the fact that Cannes regular Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appeared on the red carpet in a gown. “I wouldn’t like to comment on others,” said Deepika, adding that she finds the saree very sensuous and “it felt good to be so Indian so far away from home”. However, the goss is that Cannes first-timer Deepika had made discreet inquiries about what Ash would be wearing before deciding her own look. No matter, the two lovely Indian actresses made spectators’ day at the film festival by proving that variety is indeed the spice and curry of life.

Her moment on the red carpet aside, Deepika apparently has not found Cannes exciting enough. She said she hardly met anyone at the film festival except German F1 superstar Michael Schumacher and caught just one film, the French Tournee, which she enjoyed. So, on Day 2, Deepika set off on her own to take in the sights and sounds of the scenic seaside town. “There’s so much to Cannes besides the festival,” she said. “The first time I came here was in 2002. Not for the festival but as a tourist. And I remember standing outside the venue and taking pictures. I had promised myself that next time… I’d be back as part of the film festival… and here I am.”





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