Imran to compile book on Salman!

16 05 2010

Aamir Khan loves Salman Khan unconditionally. And, in Aamir’s footsteps is his nephew, Imran Khan, who recently confessed that he is “crazy about bhai”. Just the other day Imran was giving interviews for Karan Johar’s I Hate Luv Stories at a Bandra studio. Salman was expected to arrive for the shooting of Dabangg on the next set. Though he was neck-deep in work, Imran asked his valet to keep an eye out for “bhai’s car”.

“The moment bhai arrives, I would like to go down and say hello to him,” said Imran. Gushing uncontrollably about his fondness for Salman, Imran added, “I have idolised him since my childhood. I remember my mother pointing out to Salman years ago and telling me, ‘That is Salim saab’s son.’ Salman was a dude even then.”

Admitting that he doesn’t exactly know what it is about Bollywood’s enfant terrible that he finds interesting, Imran said, “For me, the man is a mystery that I am trying to unravel. In my head is a plan to bring out a coffee table book on bhai. I just want each page to have one small aspect of Salman with exclusive photographs. I’m actually gathering different accounts on him from various people so that I can compile them to make my book.”

Imran has one desire. “I want to spend a night drinking with Salman. Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m on a super strict diet and I’m not touching any alcohol. But some day in the near future, I plan to ask Salman if I can spend an evening with him.” Salman’s not the only one in Salim saab’s house, who Imran’s fond of. He shares a great rapport with Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan who played his chachas (uncles) in Jaane Tu… “Ever since then, they treat me like their nephew. Whenever I’ve bumped into them, they make it a point to ask me how I am doing. Arbaaz asks, ‘How are you kid? Is all okay with you?’ I just love the way they make me feel,” he said, “ but my feelings for Salman are something else. I like him, respect him and I’m fascinated with him. It’s a heady mix.”




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