Priyanka Chopra on marriage and men!

16 05 2010

Mumbai: First, she seemed like going around with Hurman Baweja, then came the ever-charming Shahid Kapoor and then there was a rumored liaison with the dashing international star Gerard Butler but truth about Piggy Chops’ love-life has remained under wraps. However, when it comes to the concept of marriage, Bollywood glam queen Priyanka Chopra gets idealistic and strongly believes that marriage is for keeps.

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She might have been linked with a lot of men, but never has she spilled beans over her marriage plans, or even shared with her fans what kind of relationship she would like to be in. Looking at her lifestyle, some might get an impression that she is rather cold about relationships. However, this otherwise feral actress recently cleared her views about marriage saying that in her heart she is a one-man woman and is waiting for that one guy who will sweep her off her feet!

While talking to a news daily, she let her guard down and said, “I strongly believe in the institution of marriage and hold immense respect for it. I am not at all in favour of polygamy.”

Coincidentally, polygamy is the theme of her next movie ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ where she gets to play the wife of seven men, whom she murders one by one.



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