I’m not dating Deepika:Ranbir Kapoor

20 05 2010

His ‘secret affairs’ provide instant fodder to rumourmongers. Even if he chats with some actress, that becomes news. However, the reticent (by his own admission) Ranbir Kapoor says he cares two hoots about what’s being written about him. He simply loves to work, and that’s what his priorities are. His ‘baby’ looks, as predicted earlier, never created any hurdle in his growth as a mature performer, something that his next, Rajneeti will prove, he says. In a candid conversation Ranbir speaks about many things including khap panchayats overstepping their limits and honour killings…

Are you again back with Deepika Padukone?
Who says so? I am here to work. What keeps me moving is good roles. And that’s what I have learnt after working in the industry. All these link ups, gossips are of no value till the time you prove your might. To be frank, I am not dating anyone.

How do you react when something is written about your so-called affairs?
I don’t believe in banging my head against the wall. Rather than making noise and trying to justify myself, I try to be keep quiet. That’s the best way to answer these rumours. Also, what matters the most today is how you act maturely and handle the situation. With the media, it’s a give and take relation, but the problem arises when they take advantage of your silence.

So, you have matured…
Yes, I think so. My perceptions have changed. Now, when I think about 2007, when I did Saawariya, I laugh. I mean when you are new in the industry you don’t know the reality. You grow up gradually and then you get to know so many things.

Don’t you get bugged at times?
Yes, I do, but can’t help it. I think it’s like paying a price of being a celebrity. Also, I can’t figure out why anyone wants to get personal. Even we are human beings and we also love our privacy. But continuous pressure leaves us with no option but to react harshly.

Are you making a mention of Hrithik’s recent fight with media?
He’s not to be blamed. I think he lost his cool because he must have felt harassed.

Are you getting mature roles as well?
Yes, I am. Rajneeti belongs to the serious genre. I play a young lad who is left with no option but to try politics. Also, in the movie Rockstar by Imitaz Ali and another with Mani Ratnam, I am doing different and mature roles.

Are you still taking tips from your dad?
He has been a great help. It’s only because of my parents that I have been able to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong. I keep them in the loop and consult them before doing a movie.

What according to you is love?
It’s a wonderful feeling. I think it’s something out of the world. It gives you courage as well. I think each one has a different perception, but for me it’s pious.

Did you hear about the honour killings happening, particularly the one that took place in Punjab?
Yes, I have been reading about it. I think it’s bizarre. How can one kill his/her own daughter or son? Love is not shackled in any social diktats or cultural mores. I think there has to be strict laws to deal with such cases.

And what about Khap panchayats overstepping their limits?
I fail to understand why they have been given so much power. It’s not good, particularly for the society, which has changed so much.

Do you plan to enter politics?
No, not at all. I have learnt the finer nuances of politics while doing Rajneeti, but let it be on reel only. I don’t have any plans to pursue it in real life.

You had gone to vote as well…
Yes, and at that time I felt very content. I think we all are responsible citizens and when we have a right to choose our leaders, then why not. I am happy with the way young leaders have come up. I think the political scenario is undergoing a sea change.



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