Imran follows Aamir!

10 06 2010

Talking about movie promotions, Imran Khan is definitely following his mamoo’s footsteps. He gives his heart and soul to his roles, alright. But it doesn’t end with that.

He knows it’s crucial to be seen and heard at the right time. And for the right reasons, of course. Yep, Imran is willing to do anything it takes to give I Hate Luv Storys a lavish publicity.

Well, a little extra push never hurts, does it? He’s shooting in Mauritius for Kunal Kohli’s movie, but he will be heading back home soon to catch up with the promotions of his new release.

He has promised to give at least 14-15 hours for any activity related to the movie. Wonder if the boy is seeking marketing genius, aka mamoo’s expert advice. Well, it seems like he will do anything to make this love story work. Imran’s rivals might, but we’re not gonna hate him for that ever. So go on, boy…



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