Hey all Bollywood Aaj Kal (BAK) goers! My Name is Alisha Khan and I’m the admin of BAK. This is the new and improved BAK website. My goal is to give you all  information on the latest Bollywood new, gossip, events, trends,videos,etc. I also have started up my own and BAK interactive sites at Facebook, Orkut, Chakpak, Youtube, Twitter, and other Bollywood fansites that are listed in the “SITES” page on this website (Check it out ). I can talk to you guys and you guys can also talk to eachother about BAK topics, polls and about eachother and your personal opinions I hope you enjoy! And here is a little about my self

My Name: Alisha Khan

Birthday: March 29th

Email: bollywoodaajkal@gmail.com

Favorite Bollywood Jodi’s: Shahrukh-Kajol…Shahid-Amrita…Harman-Priyanka…Ranbir-Sonam

Favorite Bollywood Actresses: Sonam, Kareena, Priyanka, Amrita, Katrina, Bipasha

Favorite Bollywood Actors: Ranbir, Shahrukh, Harman, Shahid, Salman, John

Favorite All-time Bolly movies: Vivah, DDLJ, Ishq Vishk, K3G, Main Prem Ki Dewanni Hoon, Hum Saath Saath Hain, and many other classics!

Favorite song currently:  “Alisha” from Pyaar Impossible ( and yes i like it because it has my name in it but it is also a very good song ).

My Most Awaited Movies: Pyaar Impossible, Don 2, Chance Pe Dance, and My Name Is Khan

So there you have it, have more questions about me come join any of my listed interactive sites


Photos remain the property of their respected owners. No copyright infringement is intended through this site. Furthermore, Bollywood Blog (www.shahid57.wordpress.com) is not responsible for comments, messages, or materials posted by fans in the forum, gallery, news, etc. All users are liable for their posts. Information copied is reserved to their rightful owners and we have subdued to copyright. Sites that we give partial if not full credit too are the following:

~India Times

~Google Alerts ( and websites coming off of it)

~SoggyCornflakes  🙂 (Thanks)

~ Bollywood Hungama

~ Anan Co./ Ishq Enterprises 🙂

~other sites that we appreciate for giving us outstanding articles!!!

Thank You all.

5 responses

22 08 2008

salman and mathuri dixith are the best coples
so hum aapke hai koun is the best film
the feelings that showed at the end and salman khan style of comady make this cinima a milestone in bollywood.they have a big chemistry
that oters didnt have

5 03 2009
Deepak Shetty

hey nice blog , nice articles on bollywood stars

14 04 2009

how are u doin how is u r grulfriend say hi to her and u r brothers and sis too say hi to shahid kapoor he is my favorute actor kiss baby shahid byeeeeee

15 04 2009

how is the life man i also like your movies u and amrita and my favoite movie is isqa so l just say hi to u and amrita too bye cute boy

28 03 2010
g dog

i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve your page but!!

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