No link-up please say’s nervous Preity!

25 02 2010

Actress Preity Zinta is nervous before the 55th Idea  Filmfare Awards 2009, which will take place on Saturday, February 27.

She tweets, “Filmfare Awards are coming near and I am already nervous ! Most actors are nervous because they are wondering if they will get awards… I am nervous because if I end up going with someone from the opposite sex that person might get linked up with me. What to do?”

The dimpled actress, who hasn’t been nominated this year, says, “I think I will nominate myself for the Missing in Action Filmfare Award since I have not had a movie for a year and half!”

On a suggestion that she take her dad or brother along, or even go alone, she responds, “I know but I hate getting dressed up and then becoming … Miss  Only the Lonely!” C’mon, Preity, brave those flashbulbs… so what if we’ll be watching!

Preity and Dhoni shoot for Emami Cooking Oil

3 02 2010

Only Ash and I age:Preity Zinta

1 02 2010

“Good afternoon guys! Chilling in Dubai for my birthday weekend! This is going to be the best year of my life,” Preity posted on her Twitter account Saturday. “I have always wondered why Ash (Aishwarya Rai) & me grow older every year while all the other actresses either stay the same age or get younger? Any guesses?” she asked. On this birthday weekend, the actress is also trying to cook some Indian food.

“Ok! Its my birthday weekend so now I am going back to focusing on me…he he he! Trying to cook some Indian food 4 my Indian tummy! Ciao,” Preity posted. Preity, who has supposedly agreed to host a chat show for a TV channel, is very positive about the year 2010.

“2010 is the year for new beginnings! New and adventurous projects and even sky will not be the limit! Wait and watch…you guys! Luv you all!,” the actress posted. Preity also admitted her admiration for friends Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar.

“Guyz just for the record…Shah Rukh is the most secular and the most fair guy I know! Its unfair to judge his movie based on his opinions,” Preity posted. “I do love Karan Johar and Shah Rukh! Both are very dear to me and I will defend them if someone writes nonsense about them,” she added.

Preity stuck in airport toilet!

28 01 2010

Mumbai: Bollywood actress and IPL teamowner Preity Zinta spent 10 minutes stuck in a toilet at the Delhi airport last night.
“I spent 10 minutes stuck in the toilet at the airport. Finally had to climb the wall and jump over… People were calling out my name,” the actress, who was to board a Mumbai-bound flight, wrote on her Twitter account.

“Being a tomboy when I was younger definitely helped. Trying to climb a wall is never easy,” she said, adding that the incident happened as the door got jammed.

Preity said, “I thought I was going to die as I am claustrophobic.”

“Pulled a muscle in my arm but did provide entertainment to all,” she said.

Preity goes gaga over Kajol!

5 12 2009

New Delhi: Although female bonding in a rare thing to happen with actresses in Bollywood, Kajol seems to have managed to garner praises from her supposed rivals too! Sometime back, Kareena Kapoor (Kajol’s ‘Step Mom’ co-star) had revealed that she thinks Kajol is magic on screen, and now, none other than Preity Zinta is all praises for the actress.

Preity has come out complementing Kajol on her “outstanding” performance in `My Name Is Khan`. “I saw some of the film`s (My Name Is Khan) footage and she (Kajol) is outstanding in it and so is Shah Rukh and I think it will be a great movie,” said Preity during an event in the capital.

The actress seems to have already given her verdict on how KJo’s much-awaited ‘MNIK’ would do. Nevertheless, Preity insists on the fact that no other actress could have done the role better than Kajol.

“Look at Kajol. She goes and gets married, has a kid. She disappears for three years and she comes back does some thing like `My Name Is Khan` and she is so good in the film. I can bet that none of the actresses can stand in front of her,” Preity said.

`My Name is Khan` is set to hit the screens in February next year.

I’ve learned not to trust: Preity Zinta

14 11 2009


I have learned new forms of dancing. During Diwali, I learned to gamble and lose too! Karan also taught me not to frown and be too animated while speaking, and now I’m going to be learning at the Harvard Business School where I’ve been accepted for a short executive course in negotiating and deal-making,” she said. Not to let criticism affect her, Preity Zinta who had been written off by “regressive journalists”, said, “Let them write me off… I’ll keep coming back. I’m producing and hosting a cricket show for TV and will also be making an appearance on the Yash Chopra show that will be hosted by Karan Johar,” said the perky actress, who’s looking for a new innings in the industry.