Saifeena snubs Vivek!

10 06 2010

They say time heals everything, but some wounds are different. It’s been years since Vivek Oberoi publicly crossed swords with Salman Khan, but the awkwardness between them is such that people around them can feel the uncomfortable vibes even today.

Recently Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, who are otherwise quite pally with Vivek (especially since he was their co-star in Kurbaan), effectively snubbed him at a post award party in Colombo recently, which Salman Khan also attended.

A source who was present at the event reveals, “A lot of stars present at the after party were avoiding Vivek. But it was surprising to see that even Saif and Kareena maintained their distance, because they are good friends with him.

Since Salman Khan was present, chatting up Vivek wasn’t something anyone seemed interested in doing. Salman himself didn’t say a word or even look in Vivek’s direction, but the cold vibes were apparent.”

One actor who was present at the after party confirms on condition of anonymity, “It was very apparent that Saif and Kareena were avoiding Vivek. They mingled with Salman and everyone else but kept their distance from Vivek Not that they didn’t exchange pleasantries, but it was very stiff and formal.”

Neither Kareena nor Vivek could be reached for comment.


Imran to compile book on Salman!

16 05 2010

Aamir Khan loves Salman Khan unconditionally. And, in Aamir’s footsteps is his nephew, Imran Khan, who recently confessed that he is “crazy about bhai”. Just the other day Imran was giving interviews for Karan Johar’s I Hate Luv Stories at a Bandra studio. Salman was expected to arrive for the shooting of Dabangg on the next set. Though he was neck-deep in work, Imran asked his valet to keep an eye out for “bhai’s car”.

“The moment bhai arrives, I would like to go down and say hello to him,” said Imran. Gushing uncontrollably about his fondness for Salman, Imran added, “I have idolised him since my childhood. I remember my mother pointing out to Salman years ago and telling me, ‘That is Salim saab’s son.’ Salman was a dude even then.”

Admitting that he doesn’t exactly know what it is about Bollywood’s enfant terrible that he finds interesting, Imran said, “For me, the man is a mystery that I am trying to unravel. In my head is a plan to bring out a coffee table book on bhai. I just want each page to have one small aspect of Salman with exclusive photographs. I’m actually gathering different accounts on him from various people so that I can compile them to make my book.”

Imran has one desire. “I want to spend a night drinking with Salman. Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m on a super strict diet and I’m not touching any alcohol. But some day in the near future, I plan to ask Salman if I can spend an evening with him.” Salman’s not the only one in Salim saab’s house, who Imran’s fond of. He shares a great rapport with Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan who played his chachas (uncles) in Jaane Tu… “Ever since then, they treat me like their nephew. Whenever I’ve bumped into them, they make it a point to ask me how I am doing. Arbaaz asks, ‘How are you kid? Is all okay with you?’ I just love the way they make me feel,” he said, “ but my feelings for Salman are something else. I like him, respect him and I’m fascinated with him. It’s a heady mix.”

I don’t speak with Salman:SRK

12 05 2010

He’s ‘King’ of the world all right. Shah Rukh Khan, who stands up for what he believes in and he is grateful, above all, for the success and support he’s got from his fans, speaks about his controversies in a more forgiving fashion.

Truly, he’s a bigger global icon than anyone else at this point in time – Brad Pitt included (if Time magazine is to be believed). The Badshah of Bollywood gave some memorable quotes in a question-and-answer session with Zoom recently. Some excerpts…

You were missing in action most of 2009, but 2010 seems to be the year of ‘Khan’…
We have to give other actors a chance. So I thought, let people make hay while the sun is away. I’m just kidding.

That sounds slightly bad…
It sounds little harsh, I guess. I do about two-three films and I like working more than that, but it kind of takes away from me as a person. But then there must be a reason. I must’ve done something wrong to get injured (shoulder). I’m overdone, with all the sins paid for. And thirdly, I got a chance to spend quality time with my kids. If I spend time with them now, they won’t be as whacky and bad as I am.

Farah Khan is making her next with Akshay Kumar. How much has that changed your friendship and equation with her?
Personally, it hasn’t. People assume this question will anger me. It doesn’t bother me. She has done a film with me. Now she’s doing one with someone else. I’m not going to ask her why she did that. It’s her choice. I don’t want to sound rude to anyone, but the films I do as an actor are the most important to me. I’m so caught up in this world of what I’m doing and the people who’re working with me. That is my whole social and professional life. So if you are not working with me, I’m not wishing you good or bad. But I wish her the best. She’s a great filmmaker. She doesn’t tell me not to work with XYZ actor, so how can I tell her?

How’s your equation with Aamir?
I think many a time, Aamir has misconstrued my sense of humour and now he has countered it with his sense of humour, and I respect that. But I’ve never had any ill-will or any disturbing fallouts with Aamir. I often find him saying things, of course, if it’s interesting, then it’s all right, because I too have a sense of humour. Also, it gives me a license to be funny about Aamir whenever I want. Earlier I used to call him and ask him, “Aamir, I’m making this joke, is it ok?” Now I don’t need to ask him. We can say whatever we want. He’s a marvelous guy, amazingly concentrated, conscientious, an absolutely focused film actor; one of the greatest of our times. At times we meet and call, and sometimes I go and watch his films. He is very interested that people see his films and talk about it. We have a warm relationship. But I don’t think we have an issue-based relationship. In the words of Aamir Khan, ‘All Izz Well’.

Have matters cooled down with Salman?
No, I don’t speak with Salman. And I think even he chooses not to; which is absolutely all right. We’re two different people, very happy in our spaces, and very good in our spaces. And I think it should remain like that. But it’s not animosity, it’s not anger, and it’s not disturbing. People ask if we avoid each other at public places; frankly, we don’t. If we do meet what are we going to do? I’m happy for his films and I’m happy if he’s at peace; because when I came to Mumbai, his family and he were wonderful to me and my family, and they still continue to be. They are amazingly nice and gentle people. Only two people amongst them have an issue and I think we’re too old and set to try and resolve it in any other way. Salman and I are settled ‘in’ our differences; we have not yet settled our differences.”

Nominations for IIFA 2010..Out!!

8 05 2010

Best Film

Vidu Vinod Chopra- 3 IDIOTS
Boney Kapoor- WANTED
Anurag Kashyap & Ronnie Screwvala – DEV D
Vishal Bharadwaj & Ronnie Screwvala- KAMINEY
Sunil Manchanda & AB Corp-PAA

Best Direction

Rajkumar Hirani- 3 IDIOTS
Anurag Kashyap- DEV D
Ayan Mukerji- WAKE UP SID
Vishal Bharadwaj- KAMINEY
Imtiaz Ali- LOVE AAJ KAL

Performance in a Leading Role – Male

Aamir Khan- 3 IDIOTS
Amitabh Bachchan- PAA
Saif Ali Khan- LOVE AAJ KAL
Salman Khan- WANTED
Shahid Kapoor- KAMINEY
Ranbir Kapoor-WAKE UP SID

Performance in a Leading Role – Female

Kareena Kapoor- 3 IDIOTS
Priyanka Chopra- KAMINEY
Deepika Padukone-LOVE AAJ KAL
Vidya Balan-PAA
Mahie Gill- DEV D

Performance in Supporting Role- Male

Sharman Joshi- 3 IDIOTS
Irrfan- NEW YORK
R. Madhavan- 3 IDIOTS
Abhimanyu Singh- GULAL
Abhishek Bachchan- PAA
Rishi Kapoor- LOVE AAJ KAL

Performance in Supporting Role- Female

Kalki Koechlin- DEV D
Arundhati Naag- PAA
Divya Dutta- DELHI 6
Supriya Pathak- WAKE UP SID
Kirron Kher- KURRBAN

Performance in a Comic Role

Omi Vaidya- 3 IDIOTS
Ajay Devgn- ALL THE BEST
Johny Lever- DE DANA DAN
Sanjay Dutt- ALL THE BEST

Performance in a Negative Role

Boman Irani- 3 IDIOTS
Amol Gupte- KAMINEY
Prakash Raj- WANTED
Kay Kay Menon- GULAL
Arya Babbar- JAIL

Music Direction

Shantanu Moitra- 3 IDIOTS
A.R.Rehman- DELHI 6
Amit Trivedi- DEV D
Vishal Bharadwaj- KAMINEY

Best Story

Abhijat Joshi,Raj Kumar Hirani & Vidu Vinod Chopra- 3 IDIOTS
Ayan Mukherji- WAKE UP SID
Anurag Kashyap & Vikramaditya Motwane- DEV D
Imtiaz Ali- LOVE AAJ KAL
R.Balki- PAA

Best Lyrics

Swanand Kirkire- 3 IDIOTS
Prasoon Joshi- DELHI 6
Irshad Kamil- LOVE AAJ KAL
Amitabh Bhattacharya- DEV D

Playback Singer-Male

Shaan- Behti Hawa Sa Tha Who (3 IDIOTS)
Mohit Chauhan- Masakali (DELHI 6)
Sonu Nigam- All Izz Well (3 IDIOTS)
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan-Aaj Din Chadiya (LOVE AAJ KAL)
Sukhvinder Singh & Vishal Dadlani- Dan Te Nan (KAMINEY)

Playback Singer- Female

Shreya Ghoshal- Zoobi Doobi ( 3 IDIOTS)
Kavita Seth- Ek Tara (WAKE UP SID)
Rekha Bharadwaj- Sasural Genda Phool (DELHI 6)
Sunidhi Chauhan – Chor Baazari (LOVE AAJ KAL)
Shilpa Rao- Moodi Moodi (PAA)
Tulsi Kumar-Hafiz Khuda (8X10 TASVEER)

First Look: Salman Khan’s Dabangg Shoot in Dubai!

2 05 2010

Bollywood star Salman Khan’s film shoot in Dubai at the Khalid bin Walid station on Friday was honeymoon-perfect, says the actor.

It was the first time that a Bollywood song sequence was shot at a Dubai Metro station.

“We wanted to keep it realistic. Very real. I play a corrupt cop from a small village in Bihar and Dubai was a perfect location because it’s a perfect blend of the east and the west. We are very comfortable here and the crime rate is zero,” said Khan, addressing a few reporters late on Saturday.

“Even the locals speak our language, they understand Hindi and speak English. It feels like an exotic foreign country but you are not travelling eight hours or feeling handicapped.”

In the film, the Dubai metro appears in a dream sequence where Khan, who plays a small-time cop, serenades his bride, played by debutante Sonakshhi Sinha.

“We shot on all the three levels: near the ticketing counter, at the station and there is a scene where Sonakshi gets into the train leaving me behind. We are not running around trees anymore, now we are doing it around trains.”

Dabangg, an action drama, is slated to release during Eid….

Katrina thankful to Salman’s advice!

2 05 2010

MUMBAI: Katrina Kaif says she has many people to thank for helping reach where she is today in her career. People like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar not only helped her with people but also advised her on scripts.

However now that Katrina is in the top spot with an experience of seven years to back her up she says she is still not ready to advice anyone else. “The only guidance or advice I have given anyone is to stand by the film even if you feel you made a mistake. Be loyal to all your films,” says Katrina.

The actress’s younger sister Isabella was supposed to join the industry too. however Kat says there will be time before she gets into acting and it will be upto her where she wants to try her luck – India or in the west.

“My sister is still studying in America right now,” reveals Katrina. We are sure Katrina would like to be more helpful to her sister.