Anil turns down movie with Sonam

4 04 2010

Anil Kapoor is not keen to share space with daughter Sonam on screen. Now, before your ideas run wild, let us explain the situation.

The actor recently told Anees Bazmee, the director of the film Thank You, that he was not keen to work with his daughter in a film that did not do justice to both characters.

Anil’s role was later offered to Irrfan Khan. Anil had earlier worked with Anees in films such as No Entry and Welcome and the director was keen to work with him in a third film as well.

But not wanting to be with his daughter Sonam in the film, Anil opted out. Sources close to the actor say Anil will only do a film with his daughter if he finds the roles good enough for both of them. “The role has to be good for both Sonam and Anil,” says the source.

Sonam to start ‘I hate love stories’ with Imran Khan!

23 10 2009

October 22, 2009, (Sawf News) – After completing 40% of of her home production Aisha, Sonam Kapoor is gearing up to move on to Dharma Productions’ Punit Malhotra helmed I Hate Love Stories with co-star Imran Khan.

Filming for IHLS begins Saturday, October 25. The young debutant director has been hard at work with pre-production of the film and canning the music.

Imran Khan has been hitting the gym shaping up for IHLS under instructions from his director.

Sonam, 24, was in Delhi for a few weeks before moving to Rishikesh in Uttranchal for filming Aisha. She is now back in Mumbai where IHLS and the remaining parts of Aisha will be filmed.

Sonam was recently in the capital to receive the Special Jury Award at the 55th National Awards on behalf of her father, Anil Kapoor, for his film Gandhi – My Father.

Happy Birthday to SONAM KAPOOR!!!! :) :)

10 06 2009

From Bollywood Entertainment I would just like to shout out to Sonam Kapoor “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!”. We love you Sona! 🙂 🙂

Today is the birthday of the most brittle and delicate actress who spells class with a capital C. She is none other than Sonam Kapoor, the darling daughter of Anil Kapoor. We are sure that after her superlative performances in Saawariya and Delhi 6, her house will be overflowing with gifts and bouquets galore. Amidst all these zillion gifts, Bollywood  Entertainment would like to gift the petite Sonam Kapoor with something that we are sure, she will treasure the most: A walk down memory lane with photographs to drip that eternal tear rolling down the cheek…

This snap has the ageless wonder Anil Kapoor alongwith the two apples of his eyes: Sonam’s sister Rhea and ‘badi didi’ Sonam herself! Who would have ever though that this ‘badi didi’ and also Papa’s girl will eventually go onto become the dream girl of zillions of people worldwide!

Not many know that Sonam, besides being a cool actress is also an intellectual person. Proof of which lies in the fact that she had enrolled in the United World College of South East Asia to do her International Baccalaureate. After that, she later graduated from the University of Bombay, majoring in Political Science and Economics. Not just that, before starting her career off as an actress, she even worked as an assistant under Sanjay Leela Bhansali and assisted during the making of his film Black.

No Rules for SRK: Sonam Kapoor

30 03 2009

Sonam Kapoor may be just two films old, but she is choosy about her roles and has drafted strict guidelines for herself to sign movies.

The young actress is, however, willing to make exceptions if the man opposite her happens to be Robert De Niro or Shah Rukh Khan.

“Well, why would one actually ask questions if paired opposite Robert De Niro?” asks Sonam with a mischievous smile. “You should consider yourself plain fortunate to just share a common frame with him. In fact, I will be happy to even walk past a frame featuring him. No questions asked. Period.”

Sonam teamed up with Ranbir Kapoor in her debut vehicle “Saawariya” and she was seen with Abhishek Bachchan in her second film “Dilli 6”. She is now looking forward to a movie with superstar Shah Rukh.

“He is another man for whom I will be so very willing to ignore my rule book. I would be more than happy to go ahead and sign a film if Shah Rukh happens to be my hero,” says Sonam, a self-confessed Shah Rukh fan.

“There are exceptions that one makes about the size and content of the role when it comes to working with legendary actors; De Niro and Shah Rukh just fit the bill,” she said.

However, when it comes to working on films with anyone lesser, Sonam certainly has her do’s and don’ts in place.

“I don’t intend to do films where all I am required to do is to dance in four songs and enact a couple of emotional scenes. By no means am I looking at that kind of cinema,” she said.

Though the formal announcement of her next film is yet to take place, reports are that Sonam’s next will be for her dad’s production house. The film is called “Ayesha” and is based on Jane Austen’s novel “Emma”.

According to industry sources, Sonam will be making a complete about turn from her “Saawariya” and “Delhi 6” image and take on a completely new ultra-chic avtar. The film will feature Abhay Deol along with newcomer Arunodoy Singh, who will soon make his debut with “Sikandar”.

Sonam and Imran Khan are meanwhile reportedly being considered by Kunal Kohli for his next film that would be directed by his assistant Danish Aslam. However, confirmation is still awaited around this young love story.

Sonam says Vote yaa Vaat!

24 03 2009

Sorry  for not writing for so long!! Anyway here’s news about the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor, spreading the word to go out and VOTE!!!

Anil Kapoor’s little angel Sonam Kapoor is on a career high. Looking at her popularity amongst youngsters it’s raining offers for this young Kapoor. Apart from being a face of beauty brands it’s also some public awareness campaigns that Sonam is now part of.

Her first such commercial reflects her frank persona. “V – vote yaa vaat.” says Sonam. “I want to vote because if I won’t vote then I don’t count. I want to vote because it’s my right. No vote, no say.” says Sonam in her first Jaagore commercial.

Being a responsible citizen Sonam feels that every youngster should take up responsibility to spread awareness about issues concerning the society. Hence at such a young stage of her career she has chosen to support social campaigns. Before this Sonam had been part of breast cancer awareness campaign. She is also named the face of Elle’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.


Anil Kapoor in Holi Mode!!

10 03 2009

Sonam Kapoor and dad Anil celebrate Holi.

Sonam Kapoor and dad Anil celebrate Holi.

Never mind if the rest of Bollywood is not celebrating Holi tomorrow (those spoilsports!), at Anil Kapoor’s Juhu residence it is Holi already!
The actor is in a celebratory mood, all right. He’s just back from all the song-and-dance following Slumdog Millionaire’s success at the Oscars, and is jet-lagging… naturally! “I wanted to come back as I wanted to celebrate Holi with my family,” said Anil, who is sleepy, dead tired, but looking so young and fresh and full of mischief that he could easily be cast alongside daughter Sonam in her next film. Check out his sexy, clean chest and tell us we’re wrong! The lovely and shy Sonam agreed, “Dad’s looking so much younger and he’s glowing. His energy is enviable. Suddenly we are seeing him more gung-ho about everything. It’s showing on his face.”

This Kapoor khandaan has a Holi puja in place tomorrow morning. Then, a splash and riot of colours. After which Sonam will head for a shoot and Anil to meet his buddies. “I have always shot on Holi. But this time, it’ll be a family get together. After the puja, I will visit my in-laws like always,” said Anil. His son is in LA, studying. “It’s much more fun when he’s around. But we will connect with him on the webcam and chat. He will miss all the fun here,” smiled Sonam. She plans to gang up later with 40 friends and see what “dhamaal” they might whack out of the festival of colours.

Anil has memories of Holis gone by. “Of RK Studios where Raj (Kapoor) uncle would invite the entire industry… as a youngster, I was always in awe of the film stars. I wanted to be one of them when I grew up. Naturally, Holis at that time meant more to me than now. It was so much fun then.” In LA a few days ago, he mentioned to some American friends why he was keen to rush back home. “It’s overwhelming, this impact Slumdog at the Oscars has made on the world… there is a new awareness globally of India now. One of my friends, on hearing about Holi and our celebration with colours, said, ‘India has never looked so colourful on the world map than now.’ I thought, wow, he’s so right!”

-Source:timesofindia………….Thank You!!! 🙂