I’m not seeing Deepika:Ranbir Kapoor

12 06 2010

Ranbir Kapoor squashes the Deepika–Katrina rumours and still believes in the old-fashioned concept of love. Filmfare gets the real picture

All the A-list directors want to work with you. Does that give you a kick?
I believe that you have to be the right person at the right time in the movies. I guess today these filmmakers are writing subjects for younger heroes. They’ve worked with all the superstars who are in a particular age bracket. Now they probably want to explore ideas or want to tell stories which need younger actors. Today of course, you have Shahid Kapoor, Imran Khan, Harman Baweja and Prateik. They have quite a choice. I just feel that I’m the right guy at the right time. I’m humbled that such good filmmakers want to work with me, that slowly I am ticking off from my list the names of filmmakers I aspired to work with. It only makes me greedy to want to do better and bigger stuff in the future.

 Coming to your personal life, talk is that Deepika Padukone and you are back together.
No. Deepika and I shared a lovely relationship. Everyone knows we’re not in a relationship anymore. There’s no negativity between us. Deepika, I’ve always maintained, is one of the most amazing girls I’ve met. She’s a good person, a great talent, she works hard and she comes from a good family. And the respect I have for her, she has for me. We have common friends, sometimes when we go out we bump into each other. If she does good work in a movie, I’ll call her up and tell her, she calls me for her movie trials, I do the same. It’s a relationship I’ve made for life. If I’m not in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with her, we’re definitely friends. And I’d like to maintain that all my life.

 Even after the two of you broke up, you’ve kept in touch, right?
Of course. You have to be mature and deal with these things as sensitively as possible. In the end, she’ll always get more flak than the guy. That’s the unfairness of this society.  So you need to be sensitive. And when things are fine, when the troubled waters under the bridge have calmed down, you can start a friendship with your ex. It’s possible.

 You’re being linked to Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra these days…
I’ve always been open whenever anyone has asked me whether I’m in a relationship. And now when I say I’m not in a relationship you should respect that. Katrina and I have done two films (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Raajneeti) together. Our first film together was a big hit, so people regard us as this hit onscreen couple. But if tomorrow we have a flop, people will not cast us together. It’s as simple.

 People are whispering about Priyanka chopra and you too.
Priyanka and I have just completed  Anjaana Anjaani. She’s a great actress, we all know that. She is a very good person and we really gelled. When I work in a movie, I don’t say I won’t be friendly with my co-star because I don’t want to deal with stories of linkups. I want a happy atmosphere on the sets. I want the atmosphere to be such that we just sit and talk about the movie we’re doing or about life. Just because you’re friendly with someone you’re spending a hundred days on the sets with, doesn’t mean you’re having a physical or an emotional relationship with that person. They are just two colleagues who are hanging together, discussing life and discussing movies.

 Have you ever cheated in a relationship?
No, never. And I don’t think I ever will. That’s something I’ll never do. It also depends on what kind of a relationship you are in. Sometimes two people don’t end a relationship because they are in a comfort zone. They just go on. Then someone comes along and it’s alleged that that person is the reason for their breaking up. But that third person only got noticed because things between the two of them were not working. If they were then they would not notice anyone else. No third person can break a relationship. If a relationship is working nothing can break it

I’m not dating Deepika:Ranbir Kapoor

20 05 2010

His ‘secret affairs’ provide instant fodder to rumourmongers. Even if he chats with some actress, that becomes news. However, the reticent (by his own admission) Ranbir Kapoor says he cares two hoots about what’s being written about him. He simply loves to work, and that’s what his priorities are. His ‘baby’ looks, as predicted earlier, never created any hurdle in his growth as a mature performer, something that his next, Rajneeti will prove, he says. In a candid conversation Ranbir speaks about many things including khap panchayats overstepping their limits and honour killings…

Are you again back with Deepika Padukone?
Who says so? I am here to work. What keeps me moving is good roles. And that’s what I have learnt after working in the industry. All these link ups, gossips are of no value till the time you prove your might. To be frank, I am not dating anyone.

How do you react when something is written about your so-called affairs?
I don’t believe in banging my head against the wall. Rather than making noise and trying to justify myself, I try to be keep quiet. That’s the best way to answer these rumours. Also, what matters the most today is how you act maturely and handle the situation. With the media, it’s a give and take relation, but the problem arises when they take advantage of your silence.

So, you have matured…
Yes, I think so. My perceptions have changed. Now, when I think about 2007, when I did Saawariya, I laugh. I mean when you are new in the industry you don’t know the reality. You grow up gradually and then you get to know so many things.

Don’t you get bugged at times?
Yes, I do, but can’t help it. I think it’s like paying a price of being a celebrity. Also, I can’t figure out why anyone wants to get personal. Even we are human beings and we also love our privacy. But continuous pressure leaves us with no option but to react harshly.

Are you making a mention of Hrithik’s recent fight with media?
He’s not to be blamed. I think he lost his cool because he must have felt harassed.

Are you getting mature roles as well?
Yes, I am. Rajneeti belongs to the serious genre. I play a young lad who is left with no option but to try politics. Also, in the movie Rockstar by Imitaz Ali and another with Mani Ratnam, I am doing different and mature roles.

Are you still taking tips from your dad?
He has been a great help. It’s only because of my parents that I have been able to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong. I keep them in the loop and consult them before doing a movie.

What according to you is love?
It’s a wonderful feeling. I think it’s something out of the world. It gives you courage as well. I think each one has a different perception, but for me it’s pious.

Did you hear about the honour killings happening, particularly the one that took place in Punjab?
Yes, I have been reading about it. I think it’s bizarre. How can one kill his/her own daughter or son? Love is not shackled in any social diktats or cultural mores. I think there has to be strict laws to deal with such cases.

And what about Khap panchayats overstepping their limits?
I fail to understand why they have been given so much power. It’s not good, particularly for the society, which has changed so much.

Do you plan to enter politics?
No, not at all. I have learnt the finer nuances of politics while doing Rajneeti, but let it be on reel only. I don’t have any plans to pursue it in real life.

You had gone to vote as well…
Yes, and at that time I felt very content. I think we all are responsible citizens and when we have a right to choose our leaders, then why not. I am happy with the way young leaders have come up. I think the political scenario is undergoing a sea change.

I’d rather be fully Indian: Deepika

16 05 2010

Now the story can be told. You know, don’t you, that the gorgeous Deepika Padukone shimmered down the red carpet at Cannes on Friday wearing a saree by designer Rohit Bal.

There’s a reason why she chose the Indian national costume for her first major international appearance. The actress told BT from the French Riviera, “When I started modelling, I promised myself that whenever I attend an international event, I’d wear a saree and not western clothes. I get enough opportunities at home to wear western clothes. When I’m seen at an international event I’d rather be fully Indian.”

She cleverly declined to comment on the fact that Cannes regular Aishwarya Rai Bachchan appeared on the red carpet in a gown. “I wouldn’t like to comment on others,” said Deepika, adding that she finds the saree very sensuous and “it felt good to be so Indian so far away from home”. However, the goss is that Cannes first-timer Deepika had made discreet inquiries about what Ash would be wearing before deciding her own look. No matter, the two lovely Indian actresses made spectators’ day at the film festival by proving that variety is indeed the spice and curry of life.

Her moment on the red carpet aside, Deepika apparently has not found Cannes exciting enough. She said she hardly met anyone at the film festival except German F1 superstar Michael Schumacher and caught just one film, the French Tournee, which she enjoyed. So, on Day 2, Deepika set off on her own to take in the sights and sounds of the scenic seaside town. “There’s so much to Cannes besides the festival,” she said. “The first time I came here was in 2002. Not for the festival but as a tourist. And I remember standing outside the venue and taking pictures. I had promised myself that next time… I’d be back as part of the film festival… and here I am.”


I knew Deepika through Ranbir, but now..:Sonam Kapoor

13 05 2010

Sonam Kapoor’s candour. In a recent interview, when asked about her equation with Deepika Padukone, she says, “I knew Deepika through Ranbir. I am not sure what equation I have with her now that they have broken up.There was potential for a friendship there but I guess our busy schedules got in the way.”

 Full marks for honesty, girl! Love you Sonam!!

Courtesy: Mid-Day.com

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2 05 2010

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Deepika opens up about Siddarth Mallaya!

21 04 2010

 One catches Deepika Padukone in a fiery mood. And rightly so. Right after a very public break up with Ranbir Kapoor, she has found herself in the midst of one rumour after another. Whether it was her alleged proximity to Farhan Akhtar during the making of Karthik Calling Karthik (something which was rubbished in no uncertain terms by both the actors) or her so-called refusal to work with Ranbir (which was again passed off as idle gossip by people close to the actor), Deepika had to face an unnecessary storm when she would have rather spoken about her work.

 In a happy professional scenario that she is currently enjoying with a line up of projects round the corner, she is also (unnecessarily) forced to spend her time and energy in response to insinuations that she could well be dating Siddharth Mallya. For the uninitiated, Siddharth is the son of liquor baron Vijay Mallya who is also the owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore, an IPL team for which Deepika Padukone is the Brand Ambassador.

If I am sitting with the owner of my IPL team, there is no reason why I should be linked up to him”, Deepika flares up the moment this topic of discussion opens up, “If I am the face of the team, isn’t it obvious that I would be sitting up with? I would be there with him supporting my team, right? It’s but obvious that I would also be photographed. But does that mean I am going around with a guy? Come on, let’s grow up. All of this just doesn’t make any sense at all.”

 Perhaps this is also because of her current ‘single status’.

“You know, all of this has become way too predictable”, Deepika forces a smile here, “Every fortnight there is one link up or another. Today, even if I go out with my cousin brother, I am sure to see a headline next morning with announcement of yet another new relationship of mine. Really, it’s all such a big joke now.”

How are her parents reacting to such ‘jokes’? Don’t they get furious when stories about her daughter fill tabloids for all the wrong reasons when instead she should have been in news for the plethora of work that she currently had in hand.

“I think even my parents have really given up now”, she sighs, “There is absolutely nothing for my parents as well to react at all. There are no clarifications required. All they want now is to read about the work that I am doing and this is what they expect from people as well. Of course initially it used to bother them as well me. I used to clarify about these news pieces and everyone would understand that eventually there was no truth in it all. However, now since I have been in the industry for 3 years now, all of us understand that most of the written word is untrue after all.”