Akshay sinks teeth into Katrina!

30 03 2010

Katrina Kaif’s health problems just don’t seem to end. After several health scares, including a recent one when she fainted on the sets of Tees Maar Khan, on Friday evening Katrina was injured on the film’s sets when Akshay Kumar’s jaw accidently hit her head while shooting a dance sequence at Malshej Ghat.

A source said, “It was a ballet-like dance sequence and Katrina’s head bumped into Akshay’s jaws and his teeth hurt her head badly. Katrina immediately realised the gravity of the injury as director Farah Khan rushed towards her. Since it was a head injury, Katrina felt dizzy for a few minutes but immediate care was taken to make her feel better.

When Akshay saw that Katrina’s head was bleeding due to the impact, he told her that she will have to take at least four stitches. The very thought that she would need stitches made Katrina all the more scared and she almost started crying when Farah stepped in and told Akshay to not scare her anymore.

A doctor was called to the sets to have a look at Katrina’s injury before she left for the day. Akshay couldn’t help but joke that though he is an action hero, it is Katrina who keeps getting injured. First she fainted on the sets, and now this injury.”

Farah Khan remained unavailable for comment as she was shooting in a no network zone in Malshej Ghat. However, the spokesperson of Tees Maar Khan confirmed and said, “Yes, Katrina did get injured badly after which Akshay kept pulling her leg. Katrina is fine now and has resumed shooting.”

Katrina collapses on sets!

18 03 2010

On Wednesday morning disaster struck on the sets of Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan when the leading lady Katrina Kaif collapsed just before shooting for a very important scene was supposed to start.

While Katrina remained unavailable for comment, reliable reports from the location at Malshej Ghat say the incident happened when the actor was getting ready for the day.

“She had barely finished makeup and walked on to the location, greeted her co-star Akshay Kumar and director Farah Khan when she collapsed in a heap…just like that!”

For the next three hours, panic prevailed on location.

Says the source, “No one knew quite what to do since the medical facilities in Malshej were hardly adequate. Akshay quickly called up Mumbai and a doctor was rushed to Malshej. By the time he arrived, Katrina was feeling better, though weak. Farah suggested they cancel her shooting for the day, but Katrina insisted on shooting in the second-half of the day’s schedule.”

The reason given by the doctor for her sudden collapse was exertion and lack of sleep. Katrina has been advised to take it easy.

Her spokesperson confirmed the incident. “Katrina was unwell on Wednesday morning. She has been advised some rest. Of late she has been going through tremendous work stress travelling in and out of Mumbai.”

My Word: Hope Katrina gets well soon..we all love you 🙂

Farah’s not missing SRK!

17 03 2010

Farah Khan has a special appearance in Milap Zaveri’s Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai! in which she plays herself, and the  film has a sequence in which she is shown to be yearning for her friend Shah Rukh Khan’s company and says, “I miss you Shah Rukh.”

The scene was shot almost a year ago when Farah and Shah Rukh were pretty thick, but things have changed now.

And considering that, Milap, who is very close to Farah and her brother Sajid, sensed Farah’s discomfiture and decided to delete the line. It was ironic that the scene, initially meant to be comic, became such a raw nerve. “Farah is extremely special to me and her cameo lights up my film.

I wouldn’t want to do anything to embarrass her,” confirmed Milap, who has co-written Hey Babyy as well as Housefull which were directed by Sajid Khan.

Akshay handcuffed on sets!

5 03 2010

Farah Khan, who has signed Akshay Kumar instead of her perennial favourite Shahrukh Khan for this one, hadn’t counted on such an arresting turn of events to kick things off. Nor did Akshay, who was required to be handcuffed for a scene, realise he’d be staying that way against his will for a frustrating four hours.

A source says, “A production hand had accidentally broken the key while pulling it out of the handcuff before the scene. But Akshay had slipped on the cuffs and the lock clicked into place. He was taking it lightly because he assumed there was an extra key. But when Farah realised the duplicate key wasn’t there, she asked for a locksmith to be summoned before rolling the camera.”

The locksmith arrived around 20 minutes later, by which time the shot was over. But to everyone’s horror, he just wasn’t able to unlock the cuffs.

Said Farah, “The locksmith couldn’t open the handcuff because it was an imported one and had a complex locking mechanism. So I had no other option but to send somebody to the other end of town, where my team member had forgotten the duplicate key. I was surprised that they had forgotten to bring the extra key to Film City, but there was nothing else we could do to salvage the situation.”

Being the professional that he is, Akshay chose not to make a fuss about the negligence of the unit member concerned. He sat down and patiently waited handcuffed for help to arrive – which took almost four hours.

“But I used the time to complete other shots of Akshay which required him to be in handcuffs. If we had the keys, he wouldn’t have had to wear them for more than an hour in all. But yes, it was high drama. However, I must say that it was sweet on Akshay’s part not to grumble or delay my shoot,” added Farah.

Katrina the new dhak dhak girl!!

27 02 2010
Farah Khan seems to be an ardent Madhuri Dixit fan as she is referencing the star with the million-dollar smile for her movie Tees Maar Khan. Katrina Kaif will be performing a hot item number for the film in a naughty ghaghra choli designed by Aki Narula. For this song with the jhatkas, Katrina will go through 15-20 days of training.

Madhuri was a sensuous dancer, who carried off the Bollywood thumkas with grace. Katrina has her work cut out for her. To play the village belle and carry off the distinctly Indian moves will take effort. But, of course, Katrina is no stranger to hard work and we’re sure she’ll deliver a sizzling number.

Director Farah Khan says, “Katrina has to do a village belle number a la Madhuri. I’ve even given her Madhuri’s DVDs to watch, so that she gets the right expressions and the thumkas. The song will be shot at Malsej Ghat and Kat will rehearse with chief choreographer Geeta Kapoor and me.”


Farah misses Shahrukh!

17 02 2010

It is said that art imitates life. Well, in this case it is life imitating art. When Farah Khan agreed to be part of Jaane Kahan Se Aayi  Hai little did she know that it would almost become the ‘story’ of her life.

The film’s script is quite similar to the real-life Tees Maar Khan episode which is Farah’s next film starring Akshay Kumar and not her buddy  Shahrukh Khan. This is the first time that Farah is not directing SRK. She had always maintained that she would never work without Shah Rukh but that was before Tees Maar Khan happened.

Much to Farah’s surprise, she had already shot for Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai in which she plays herself before realising that her role in it is similar to her current situation concerning SRK.

Milap Zaveri,  director of the film, said, “In my film, Farah plays herself and is making a film after Om Shanti Om that too without Shah Rukh. Ruslaan Mumtaz plays Desh, an upcoming star. When Ruslaan throws some attitude, she says, `I miss Shah Rukh’ and throughout my film she says that she wants to work with Shah Rukh again. She plays a director who is quite fond of Shah Rukh and is looking forward to working with him again.”

When asked about Farah actually not working with Shah Rukh, Milap replied, “We shot the film a year ago and it is coincidental that she is now working with Akshay. But let’s not forget that Farah and SRK are very close friends and that’s the most important thing. I am sure everybody is eagerly waiting to see them work together again.”