I take advice from SRK:Farhan

23 02 2010

There are all these rumours linking you to your Karthik calling Karthik co-star Deepika Padukone which the two of you protest at every opportunity. Are you not overdoing it?
Honestly speaking, I can only speak for myself. Initially I didn’t protest, I thought it would blow over naturally. But then it began to get awkward and in very bad taste and that is when I started protesting. Then one thing led to another and now again I am tired of protesting. I also feel that now that we are pretty much coming to the end of the promotion of Karthik Calling Karthik and you will see us spending a lot of time with other people as opposed to each other, it will blow over.

Do such rumours affect you a lot?
It’s important for me because it affects my family. It’s weird for me to answer to my nine-year-old daughter who sees something on TV or reads a headline in a newspaper. Children tend to stress about these things a lot more than we understand. When I wasn’t addressing the issue she couldn’t understand why I was denying something to her but not telling the rest of the world. So to me it was important to come out and talk about it.

My daughter couldn’t understand why I was denying something to her but not telling the rest of the world

You work with actors as a director and compete with them as an actor. How do you differentiate between the two?
The people that I have worked with are the ones that I am good friends with and I do spend a lot of time with. One is obviously Hrithik and the other is Shah Rukh. Hrithik and I have known each other for really really long. We have been friends from way before I decided I wanted to be in films (he kind of always knew he wanted to be in films). So my friendship with him is beyond actor-director, whatever.

With Shah Rukh, I really started hanging out with him post Dil Chahta Hai. I feel a certain kinship with him. We have similar joys in terms of technology, we jam on many things. And many a times he has been someone I have turned to for advice. He is someone I have almost started feeling over time, again without sounding cheesy, like an elder brother. I know for a fact, not that he has told me so, that he is someone I can really count on, if the need arises. Even if we choose in the future to not work together, we will still hang out, we will still be friends.

For me, Don’s character hinges on his cunning and smartness and the fact that he is playing all the characters in the film and at the same time, he also plays the audience

Deepika and Farhan on Filmfare!

19 02 2010

Deepika Calling…Pick up the Phone!

9 02 2010

How spooky can a thriller like Karthik Calling Karthik get?
Well, the film is a thriller and it can get very spooky, all the more so, because I’ve never been a part of any thriller so far.

What sort of energy and newness do new comers like you and Farhan bring to the screen?
We both have complimented each other and have learnt from each other so much during the making of Karthik Calling Karthik. We both draw something from each others performances. And that was the same with all my co-stars, whether it was Shah Rukh or Ranbir.

No call from Deepika Padukone will be answered

Was your Kajra Re step and the many others you’ve done impromptu?
Absolutely yes. The steps that I do in the song ‘Uff Teri Ada‘ were completely impromptu. My director Vijay Lalwani said that it does look like a fun song and doesn’t look choreographed. He thought that we were having a ball of a time. 

Every young actress entering Bollywood wants to become the next Deepika Padukone. You’re being touted as the next big thing in the industry.
(Laughs) Yes, it took me just two years to come this far but there was a struggle of almost ten years into it I guess. I’m extremely happy but I am also not completely satisfied with my achievements. I still think I have a lot left to achieve and prove. My hard work has paid off to some extent and I have reached the level that I wanted to and hopefully will continue doing the same kind of work to reach higher levels.

Have you ever received any call from yourself?
Nope! I am quite scared of these things and I hope it doesn’t. So sorry. No call from Deepika Padukone will be answered (laughs).

Producers and directors have targeted you as a completely commercial entity because you give hit films.
You know, I don’t know about me being a commercial entity. I’m not really planning the kind of films that I want to do. For me, as long as it excites me, I do it. Then when I do it, it becomes a hit at the box office followed by critical acclaim. As long as that is working for me and I am enjoying the kind of roles I’m being offered, I’m not complaining.

What does the media not know about Farhan Akhtar?
That he has a great sense of humour. But I’m sure everyone knows that. So I don’t know how well or not well the media knows him. He is meticulous and very proper. Everything has to be in order for Farhan or else he gets upset.

Promos: Karthik Calling Karthik

18 01 2010

Farhan measured Deepika!

8 12 2009

But today he’s in a different mood. He keeps aside the Don 2 script he’s been working on and gets talking about his hot co-star from Kartik Calling Kartik, Deepika Padukone. “There are no words to describe her beauty, she’s extremely beautiful. Many will identify with me when I fall deeply in love with her in the film. In the hot quotient, she ranks among the top three actresses in Bollywood… need I say more,” he asks.

Farhan feels that the two share a wonderful chemistry but he wanted to be doubly sure so he held a focus screening where he invited people from different age groups to come and watch it. “I called my driver’s children and their friends, college students, housewives… and they felt the same,” he says. Once on the show that he was hosting, Deepika had turned up as his guest, standing tall, towering over him. “In reality, we are of the same height. I actually measured her with a measuring tape,” he laughs and adds, “she’s got long legs, her pose and posture make her look tall… unfortunately, I have neither.”

In all his films, Farhan has always given his actors a “hair-raising” experience, thanks to his wife, hairstylist Audhuna. Aamir had the spiked look in Dil Chahta Hai, Hrithik sported a crew cut in Lakshya while Preity Zinta went bob, Arjun Rampal had to grow his hair and Farhan himself was seen in a hairband in Rock On. And for KCK, Deepika had to chop off her hair. “I have a secret pact with Tirupathi Balaji, I cut their hair and send it there… but for Arjun in Rock On, we made hair extensions from the hair that we had cut during Dil Chahta Hai,” he laughs. “My actors shouldn’t look the same in my film the way they did in some other film. The audience should be able to see the character than the celebrity in them,” says Farhan, who plays a lovable loser in KCK. “I can relate to the character because in the past, I have been one myself. Like the crush I had on this girl but never admitted for the fear of being rejected,” says Farhan, who will be playing a full-fledged romantic hero in the film.

Interview: Only SRK is Don:Farhan (+about Don ‘2’)!

2 12 2009

The actor says he wanted to release KCK with Deepika Padukone on February 26. “However since there was a slight ambiguity at that point on whether Hrithik Roshan’s Kites would release on the same date, we shifted our release date. Both Duggu and Rakesh Roshan had spoken to me about Kites. If a friend is releasing his film on that date, I would naturally go out of my way to accommodate him.”

Farhan is very fond of Duggu. His sister Zoya Akhtar will start her next flick under Farhan and his friend Ritesh Sidhwani’s banner in April next year; a project which is already creating ripples because of its male line-up. “Zoya’s film will have Hrithik, Abhay Deol and me in the lead,” says Farhan. “But we don’t have a title yet. We’ve run out of English words for titles,” he laughs.

In September Farhan will don the mantle of director for the Bollywood’s Badshah SRK’s Don-2; one of the most anticipated sequels of all time. “Priyanka, SRK, Arjun Rampal and Boman Irani are on board,” he confirms.
Well, now that he is an actor, is he at all tempted to cast himself as Don? “You must be kidding me,” he laughs again. “Only SRK qualifies as Don… He is the biggest and the best.”

Though he has successfully juggled acting and directing, Farhan feels he is no where in the league of past masters like Raj Kapoor and Guru Dutt who wore two hats simultaneously and did both jobs remarkably well. “I can either act or direct at a time, so when I’m acting, then I don’t direct,” he says.

What according to him is the most interesting aspect of his having turned actor? “Well I’m a happily married man… so I don’t flirt with my heroines,” he says. “The most interesting aspect of being an actor is that people from all over the world come forward to congratulate me for films like Dil Chahta Hai and Lakshya. When I made those films I was terribly media shy; and there were people who didn’t know what I looked like. Now that they have been re-introduced me as an actor, they come forward to congratulate me for my work as a director. Ironical isn’t it?”


My Word: Can’t wait till DON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Change is good: Deepika

24 11 2009

The model-turned-actress herself revealed to BT that she was lying low because she didn’t want to reveal her new look for Kartik Calling Kartik.

In the film, which co-stars Farhan Akhtar, Deepika has got herself a short-short haircut. The actress, who had waist-length hair till recently, has now got it down to her shoulders. “I last chopped my hair when I was eight,” said Deepika. Apparently Audhuna, the celebrity hairstylist and Farhan’s wife, and director Vijay Lalwani had to convince Deepika to go in for the change.

“They thought with my height, I would be able to carry it off well,” said the actress. But she argued with the director that she would go in for the haircut only if he shaved his head bald. “He didn’t do that but he saw to it that he was present in the salon so that I don’t back off at the last moment,” laughed Deepika.

People who have seen her new look, have loved it. Her parents were amazed. “Everybody says it looks good on me and makes me look younger,” smiled Deepika. The actress plays an interior designer in the film. “The scriptwriter had a certain image in mind when he wrote my character Shonali. So I had to do justice to the role,” she said. What about her responsibility as brand ambassador for some hair-care products? Wasn’t her long hair the reason she got those lucrative deals? “It’s okay, I like it this way now,” said the beauty, “Change is good.”