Meet Shahid Shanatics!

2 03 2010

Shahid Kapoor has a huge fan following in India and abroad. Most are girls between the age of 13 and 25. Some of the younger girls have got fan sites where they exchange a lot of info and banter about him.

They keep abreast with all his daily social activities and award functions and appearances. Some of them sitting in Australia and UK have come up with these names:
Shamrita- fans who love Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao
Shanatics — fans who are fanatic about Shahid Kapoor. They all seriously refer to each other as Shanatics.
Shayanka — fans gave this name to Shahid and Priyanka’s jodi in Kaminey. This is the section that wants the jodi to do more films and make them happy.
Shanelia — fans gave this name to Shahid and Genelia’s jodi in Chance Pe Dance.
Sharashtra — all the places in the world where Shahid rules.
Shak — that’s another name for him.
Sasha — that’s a name that his friends actually use for him. It’s also very popular online, though this has not originated online.
Fafha — that’s the F equivalent of Shasha.
Fahid — of course… that’s hugely popular now thanks to the F language of Kaminey.
Shonamuni and Charlie Boy — are both take-offs from Kaminey too.
Shasome — is what they think Shahid is, so also Shantastic.
Sharricane — is the hurricane that is Shahid
Shanatics reside in Shashaland.

Incidentally, the girl fans are called Kaminies and Charlie’s Angels.

My Word: GO SHANATICS and all the other names 🙂

Celebs tweet before the big Awards night!

27 02 2010

As Shah Rukh Khan and co-host Saif Ali Khan get their act together for the  Filmfare Awards tonight, B-Town’s cheering them on!

Shah Rukh Khan

Have to head now for Filmfare rehearsals. Looong nite ahead. Hope Saif doesn’t fall asleep.

Karan Johar

Heading for rehearsels in a bit…Shah Rukh and Saif are going to be a riot tonight…heard their script..they will bring the house down!

Minissha Lamba

Heading for the Filmfare Awards tonight..taking mom for the first time.. SRK and Saif hosting. As usual, it’s going to be a rocking show!

Genelia D’Souza

Hellooo tweeps.. Filmfare night today.. Love it.. I’m sure its going to be fab, SRK and Saif n all the performances are going to rock!

Kunal Kapoor

Off to the Filmfare Awards tonight.. It’s going to be great fun.. SRK and Saif are a riot together 🙂

R Madhavan

Another day …more excitement….Filmfare tonight looking forward to meeting the 3 Idiots gang again tonight.

Manav Gangwani

So, Mr. Maddy! Are you wearing a Manav Gangwani tonite, I heard!

Riteish Deshmukh

Off to Filmfare rehearsals… Performing on the songs of Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai. With Jacqueline Fernandes.

I don’t have a definition for love: Shahid

30 01 2010

‘I’ve become dangerously fun’
He’s received rave reviews for his performance and anchoring at a recent award show, even from Shah Rukh Khan. “Yes,” says Shahid, “I’ve received a few messages. I’m actually a very shy person. But of late, I’ve discovered a fun side to myself, which existed somewhere deep inside. Now it’s becoming dangerously fun. Ha ha.” Shahid also shares an equation with SRK, beyond the usual cinematic comparisons. He says, “Shah Rukh bhai – Shah Rukh Khan – dealt with me on the show like an elder brother. He’s amazingly witty on stage. I hosted four segments and performed to Dhan Te Nan, my favourite song of the year. This is the first show I hosted and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.”

‘Genelia is the perfect heroine for love stories’
Shahid believes that his co-star in UTV’s Chance Pe Dance, Genelia D’Souza, helped him improve his performance in the flick and was perfect for the role. He says, “I think Genelia is the perfect heroine for love stories. She’s got the perfect balance of being charming and endearing. She’s coming into her own now. She has done some brilliant work in the South.”

‘My Goa trip was with my best buddy Sriram. I can vouch that Sriram is not a hot girl”
Much has been spoken and written about Shahid’s New Year trip to Goa. But all that just amuses him. He says, “I’m also looking for the hot girl whom I went with. It was hot and there were lots of girls. The two were not combined. The trip was fun. I just bought a new Range Rover and I was excited about taking it out. Although I was there for just three days, it was great fun. I went with my friend Sriram, who, I can vouch, is not a hot girl. I’ve known him for 18 years and I have seen him in pretty much everything and nothing.”

‘Ken rejected me, said I looked like a broom. But then he realised his mistake and cast me’
Just like his character Samir Bahl in Chance Pe Dance, Shahid too was a struggling newcomer and was rejected many times. He says, “There is a scene in Chance Pe Dance which was exactly what happened with me too. The character is emoting a scene when the director stops him and says, ‘Cut. Thanks. We’ll get back.’ It happened with me. Ken rejected me. He said I look like a broom and not like a hero. A year later, Ken realised his mistake, cast me and has made all his films after that with me. You never know which opportunity takes you where. When life throws a chance at you, grab it with both hands.”

‘If there’s a future left after this flick, I’m doing…’
We ask him what projects keep him busy after Chance Pe Dance, and Shahid says, “If there’s a future left… agar future mein kaam mila toh karenge. But immediately after this, it will be Pathshaala, a small but sweet film. I’m not a hero, mine is a special appearance, about 40 minutes long. But it’s special to me because it’s produced by Shaira Khan, choreographer Ahmed Khan’s wife. Ahmad did Dhan Te Nan with us. He is a very close buddy, almost like family. The film is about the education system in the country. Then, my next is with Anushka Sharma and directed by Parmeet Sethi. But this year is dedicated to my father’s film. I am playing an Air Force officer and it’s a love story.”

‘I don’t think I know anything beyond cinema’
Shahid lives life in technicolour and likes it that way. And at the moment, he only wants to focus on 70mm and says, “I want to learn how to cook and how to play the guitar. I already know a bit of photography. In fact, on the sets of CPD, I took a few pics of Genelia while she was in a shot.”

‘I do not have a definition for love’
Shahid is unfailingly in the news for his love life. Have such things change his views on love? Says Shahid, “I don’t have a definition for love. I think it’s something which happens… it is something beautiful. When I get an innocent peck from a ten-year-old child and there’s a smile on his face, when my mum gives me a hug when I’m tired, that’s love. When my father looks in my eyes, and says, ‘Beta, I’ve found the subject of the film which I will make with you as an actor and myself as the director.’ I see love there. So love exists in all forms.”

‘I’m pretty settled right now. How much more do you want me to settle down?’
There’ve been reports that Shahid’s asked his parents to look for a girl for him. To this, he says, “I look pretty settled. How much more do you want me to settle down? I had just said that in jest. Everyone is trying to pin me down with somebody. People see anyone raasta chalte, they say, ‘Isko Shahid ke saath connect kar do, shayad kuch ho jaaye.’ I tell Genelia every day, koi ladki hai, achhi, sundar, sushil, sadharan?”

Video:Ranbir and Genelia endorse Virgin Mobile!!

22 01 2010

This pair was just waiting in the wings to happen, as he is the Gen-Next Superstar whereas she is the Gen-Next Cinderella. We are indeed talking about the fresh pairing of Ranbir Kapoor and Genelia D’Souza. While everyone has been waiting with bated breath for some filmmaker to cast the two, they have been signed up by a huge brand for endorsement!

As per our sources, Telecom major Virgin Mobile has lapped up this pair as their brand ambassadors to promote their GSM services. Apparently, the pair has been signed up for an astronomical sum of money. Our source also added that the responsibility of making the TVCs for the same have been assigned to one of the topnotch names in the industry.

We are sure that everyone out there is waiting with bated breath to see the chemistry between this ‘Saawariyaa‘ and Jaane Tu‘s Aditi, even if it is for an ad!

Abhi touched by Genelia!!

7 12 2009

Genelia’s shooting in Chennai for a South Indian film.

However, that didn’t stop Gen from watching the film. On her day off yesterday, she caught the film in a theatre in Chennai.

She absolutely loved the film and also congratulated AB Jr on the film on a social networking site on being part of such a brilliant film.

She also told him how much she liked both him and Vidya Balan. And, of course Auro. When Abhishek heard that she went to the theatre he was truly touched.

He told her had he known earlier how keen she was to see his film, he’d have organised a special screening for her and her family in Chennai.

My Word: So sweet 🙂

Excluisve: “Pal Mein Hi” (Chance Pe Dance Trailer)

5 12 2009

My Word: They look very cute together! 🙂 But still love Shahid-Amrita..good thing Genelia and Amrita are friends 🙂