Celeb Diary from Filmfare!

4 06 2010

Filmfare brings to you the imagined day-to-day confessions of your favourite female celebrities. Read On. With my little comments below each actresses statement!!

Kareena KapoorKareena Kapoor

Dear Diary,
I love myself. I just saw the teaser of Milenge Milenge and I feel the timing is pathetic. You think the makers of this film are playing a nasty prank on me? Anyway, I’m looking quite hot in the promos, so I should care less.
While interviewing me an anchor asked if I was secretly married to Saifu. I wanted to slap her, but I was live on national Television, so I just gave her my fake laughter and ignored the question.
Karan put up my picture on his Twitter account and titled it as ‘My favourite girl!’ Isn’t that awesome? I’m so cool! I love myself.
Going out for dinner with Saifu. Will be back and give you updates. Tata! I Love Myself.

My Comments (AlishaKhan) Um..okay..Kareena a little vicious today,why? Um & what’s with the whole ” timing is pathetic” of milenge milenge..well Bebo..as much as I love you..WAKE UP..your the reason of the delay!!

 Katrina KaifKatrina Kaif

Dear Diary,
Aap Kaisaa ho? Erm. Did I get that right?  Sorry if I didn’t. I’m so frustrated. Even my tutors have given up on me. My co-actors make fun of my diction on the sets. The other day I was rehearsing a scene and I don’t know what I exactly said but everyone around me was secretly laughing. 
Dubbing is easy though. I usually read the dialogues from the script and the sound guy matches it with the shot. Directors should find a way like that. Don’t you think?

My Comment: Katrina we love you!!! And even if you can’t speak fluent hindi, you’re trying and that’s all that matters + you’re beautiful and are a great actress!! 🙂

 Bipasha BasuBipasha Basu

Dear Diary,
Sorry I did not write in for the last 3 days. Actually, last week I attended a friend’s birthday bash and hogged chocolate cake and chips there. I had a lot of aerated drinks too (they were short of sugar free tablets).  Result: I put on 2 Kgs in one night. You know how obsessed I am with keeping fit. Thus, for the last 3 days I was working out in the gym. My weight machine says I’ve lost 4 Kgs and now I’m feeling better than ever. John’s happy too. Not that he really cares. But I do!

My Comment: Love the part where Bips says ” John’s happy too. Not that he really cares”..they’re both such a cute couple. And congrats on loosing the weight Bips 🙂

Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai

Dear Diary,
Just attended the Raavan promotional event. I was camouflaged by Ram and Raavan. I have to admit, my face was green. For all the cruelties my character goes through in the movie, it should’ve been named Sita.
I am bored of my Barbie-like demeanor, but Mani sir has promised that perception will change. He says people will love the proud Barbie in Raavan. Should I be happy with that?

My Comment: Um.. you should and shouldn’t..actually I have to see the movie to give an honest opinion..so No comment!

Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra

Dear Diary,
I’m tired of people calling me Piggy Chops. Even at events when people invite me on stage they introduce me as Piggy Chops. Dude! Get a Life. I have a name.
Everyone wants to know when I will get into a steady relationship. Even I want to know that!
It’s mindless to link me with my co-actors because I’ve always been caught up between these bromances in movies that it’s highly unlikely. And the link-up story with me and Harman. I guess that’s possible only in 2050!

My comment: I don’t like the tittle “Piggy Chops” on Priyanka either but I love calling her “Pranks” but I agree with Priyanka, we should respect her name she has a REAL one you know. And on the Harman thing about maybe in 2050, kinda harsh but i wish it was sooner, because they’re so cute! 🙂

 Rani MukherjeeRani Mukherjee

Dear Diary,
I don’t know where my career graph is heading. Actually, I’m not even sure if I have a career graph anymore!
Directors have started taking my performance in Black way too seriously. Now-a-days they approach me with Braille scripts and before I can explain, they start enacting me from the movie and ask for “Waa- ahh- ttt- err.”
Also, I’m desperately looking for a voice makeover. I’m trying various concoctions and capsules to smoothen out my hoarse voice. Do you know if there is anything such as a voice cosmetic surgery? 

My Comment: Rani we love your voice..it makes you, you!!

Sonam KapoorSonam Kapoor

Dear Diary,
I’m so excited about my next movie, I Hate Love Stories. Let me tell you a funny story. Recently, we were shooting in New Zealand and I fell into cow dung. The crew had quite a laugh at my expense.
The other day I was invited to a radio station to promote my film. And for some reason, they had got pigeons into the studio. I don’t exactly know what they were thinking.

My comment: Can’t wait for the movie either!!! I hate luv storys will surely rock the theatres and become a huge hit. Sona-Imu pairing is cute even though I like Sona with Biru more. Love ya Sona 🙂 ❤

Preity ZintaPreity Zinta

Dear Diary,
IPL ended on a bad note. And I’m tired of flashing my plastic smile on television saying “there’s always a next time”. I’m so disappointed in my boys you know. If next year they continue their dismal form, I would probably land up on the field and play instead.
Today a woman took me by surprise when she jumped on me with her camera and that too in a public toilet. I love my fans but this kind of behaviour is quite unacceptable. Ting! 

My comment: I agree with Preity, I hate people with cameras shooting pictures randomly..kinda annoying!!


Dear Diary,
I always knew people would link me with my co-actors. That’s normal. But the media has started spreading rumors about me and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. That’s ridiculous. I think I was better off in the south. Well, not really. I’m happy working in Hindi films but I’m tired of these link-ups. Now I refuse to talk about relationships and DHONI in any of my interviews. I’m so homely. Why don’t people get it?

My Comment: Leave Asin alone media!! She’s a Southern girl with values just like the rest of the actresses so give Dhoni another girl!


Dear Diary,
8:00 – Breakfast for Kids and Ajay
2:00 – Lunch for Kids and Ajay
4:00 – Tea and snacks for Kids and Ajay
8:00 – Dinner for Kids and Ajay
10:00 – Lullaby for kids and Ajay. Oops, only the kids

My Comment: Kajol’s entery the cutest..Ajay and her are happily married and that’s nice!

Kajol dances while pregnant!!

27 03 2010

Kajol, in her second pregnancy, is still working with admirable dedication. Recently, during a four-day song shoot at Filmistan for Siddharth Malhotra’s remake of Stepmom, Kajol was required to put in some energetic dancing.

After all, she had to match Elvis’s gyrations in Jailhouse Rock, dressed in black trousers, white shirt and a hat. The filmmakers have bought the rights for the original, making it an interesting track to watch out for.

Kajol, naturally, was concerned about the side-effects of the moves on her health. A source says, “When the  choreographers Bosco and Ceaser showed her the steps during rehearsal, she was apprehensive initially. She requested them to tone down the pace.

The choreographers, respecting her wish, changed the sequence. But as the shoot progressed, she got into the groove. As it is one of her favourite songs, she gave in impulsively to the rhythm and the tempo of the song. By the end, she was practically doing what the choreographers had originally planned for her.”

Of course, Kajol’s enthusiasm did not mean that the unit would relax its vigilance. The source continues, “People on the sets surrounded her protectively. There was a sequence where she was supposed to dance on a piano. Kajol was unconcerned, but the unit took precautions and were ready to launch into action in case of any problems. The director also suggested that they do away with the piano sequence, but Kajol managed to do it in two takes.”

Kajol, Kareena and Arjun Rampal were part of the song. In the film, Kajol plays Arjun’s ex-wife, while Kareena plays his girlfriend.

Director Siddharth Malhotra said, “None of the actors have compromised at all on any steps in the song…seeing is believing, that’s all I can say…they’ve completely had a blast and hopefully all you guys will feel the same when you see the song.”

Kajol on Asian Woman Mag Cover!

16 03 2010

Kajol upset with husband Ajay!

27 02 2010

Ajay Devgn who has been working continuously for three months is dead tired. “I can kill someone; I’m so exhausted,” says AJ who has finished three films — Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai and Garam Hawa in various locations across the country.

Of course, thanks to his hectic schedule the actor couldn’t see his wife’s latest film My Name is Khan.

“Kajol is very upset with me,” says Ajay. “She has been fighting with me because I haven’t been able to catch a screening of MNIK. However, I was in Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu so I missed it.”

Back in Mumbai, Kajol is going to organise a special show only for her pati. Of course Kajol’s best buddy Karan Johar may also join the couple for a while during the private screening.

Koochie Koochie Hota Hai by Karan Johar!

20 02 2010

MY Word: Hahaha..soooo cute!! Can’t wait till it comes out!

MNIK is entertainment:SRK

7 02 2010

The film is mainly entertainment,” Shah Rukh said in a lengthy interview with IANS over the phone from New York on a trip last week to promote his new film, “My Name Is Khan” (MNIK), releasing in the US Feb 12. “If some issue is taken back home, I always tell people if they can take back a little more than an empty pack of popcorn, that’s interesting…that’s an added advantage to an entertaining film.”

Shah Rukh, who plays a Muslim Indian with Asperger’s syndrome living in the US, finding his marriage to a Hindu single mother (played by Kajol) crumbling post-9/11, wouldn’t agree that it’s the Islam angle that is grabbing the most attention in the US. “A film normally deals with lots of issues, comedy, or it’s a tragedy or a serious film or a dramatic love story like ‘…Khan’ is meant to be,” he said. “If one starts talking or deciding on issues before a whole film is seen, it’s kinda not right to do, specially as a filmmaker. Normally, a film is more than the sum of its parts. It’s not like it’s a love story, it’s got a Karan Johar touch to social cinema, it has an angle of religion, it also has a part of politics, it has a world-shaking incident as a backdrop, it also has a lot of sweet songs. It combines all that. To me as a filmmaker, or part of a film, any aspect of the film can only be decided once one has seen the whole film. But there’s no denying that there is an aspect of religion in the film.”

Nor would Shah Rukh look at this and other recent Bollywood films about the fate of Indian Muslims in the US post-9/11 as an effort to redress any negative images people may have formed about Islam over the last nine years. “Films normally are for entertainment. One doesn’t really make a conscious decision to make a statement with it. Within entertainment, if a statement gets made, it’s really nice for a filmmaker. You know, maybe ‘3 Idiots’ talks about education, but it’s an entertaining film. Similarly ‘Chak De! India’ talks about patriotism, but it’s a sports film. You can have issues related in a film, but when filmmakers of commercial proportions like Karan, myself and Kajol and all get together, it’s not to highlight an issue because it’s too expensive as a commercial venture to make a film about an issue and not entertain.”

To Shah Rukh, “the most interesting part of the fact as an actor is that I’m playing a character who’s got Asperger’s. It’s also not in any which way to show it in a light which is not nice…but for an actor that’s a great thing to do, you know, to play a (person with a) disorder like this which very few people know about. Hopefully, I’ll be able to convince people about it when they see (the film). I don’t think at least commercial filmmakers from India really make a big-time film which is localised or even localised by an international issue,” he said.

“Commercial we will only know once the film releases,” said Shah Rukh when asked if MNIK isn’t one of Karan Johar’s least commercial offerings so far. “…Yes, the only thing it has amiss is big set dance pieces, but we just felt with the disorder we were dealing with, it would look very unrealistic for the character Rizwan Khan to indulge in dancing of the order of we normally see in a  Hindi film of Karan’s, or you might have seen earlier. Except for that, I think the venture is extremely commercial,” he said. “In the last five years, there’s a whole paradigm shift as to what people accept as a commercial film,” Shah Rukh said describing it as “Karan’s evolution from making and keeping up with the trends of new commercial cinema in India and elsewhere”.

On professional challenges he faced during its filming, Shah Rukh said it was a “very difficult” character to play. “If I was to just put it simply, it’s very seldom that I’ve really gone ahead and played a character which exists in real life. And whenever you’re dealing with a disorder or a near…atypical situation, the first thought is that the sort of parameters you have to set that in no which way you are derogatory or deriding the disorder. You have to make the protagonist very proud of what it is. The second part is you have to come as close to reality in depicting that characterisation and so one had to study a lot and one does get worried…”

But a couple of people affected with the same disorder who were shown the film had told them “…it’s a great portrayal, it’s very close to someone with this kind of disorder”. “Of course, having said that, I have taken a few cinematic liberties with it, because I’ve used three or four traits which may not exist simultaneously in one person and tried to create one character who has Asperger’s, called Rizwan Khan.”