Kareena’s sister act!

19 05 2010

Kareena Kapoor, who has a choc-o-block diary, says she has still made a note of certain dates.

Like June 24 is her elder sister and her jaan Karisma Kapur’s 36th birthday, and Bebo has warned her secretary Zahid Khan well in advance that she has to be with Lolo on that day. “Can you imagine Zahid is just giving me one evening with Lolo,” says Bebo. “I have some crazy schedule where I’ll be at Hyderabad and then air-dashing to London. But I have told him that whatever the situation, I need to be with Karisma on her birthday.” Bebo is also doubly excited because this time they have a new member in the family. “Lolo’s son will also join the celebrations,” she coos


Saif & Karishma my favorite actors:Kareena

12 05 2010

Filmmaker Karan Johar’s favourite actress Kareena Kapoor probably is a true follower of his slogan: “It’s all about loving your family”. In fact, Bebo lives by this slogan.

No wonder, she just wants to act with two people these days-boyfriend Saif Ali Khan and elder sister Karisma Kapoor-and her favourite actor has changed over a period of time from Shah Rukh Khan to Chhote Nawab.

“Saif is my favourite actor in Bollywood and Shah Rukh is family. The only actress I wanted to share screen space with is Karisma,” says Kareena.

Probably it is the smart way of extending the family, after all everyone knows Saif is the love of Bebo’s life so he is bound to be her favourite. But then she could not upset the Badshah of Bollywood so Bebo quickly included him in her big Bollywood family.

About her favourite female actor Kareena had no confusion at all. No Deepikas, Priyankas or Bipashas, but sister Karisma topped her list.

“I would love to work with my sister because I have always been a great fan of her. She was a true star. Hopefully I will get to work with her at some point of my career,” says Kareena.

It seems that day is not too far when people will get to see one more family flick. 

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Filmfare “Women we love”:Sonam,Kareena,Karishma+Deepika

9 04 2010

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Kareena becomes Maasi..Karishma has a boy!

12 03 2010

Karishma's daughter Samaira with Kareena

Kareena’s sister actress Karisma Kapur has given birth to a baby boy around noon today at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.

This is Karisma’s second child. Her first born, daughter Samaira is five-year-old. The whole Kapoor khandan is said to have been there by Lolo’s side to welcome her second baby.

The actress’s spokesperson said, “Karisma delivered a baby boy. Both the mother and the baby are doing fine.”

Since her marriage to Delhi-based industrialist Sanjay Kapur, the 35-year-old actress has stayed away from films while featuring only in brand endorsements.

Our hearty wishes to Karisma and her family.

source : ptinews & indiaglitz

My Word: Congrats Karishma and Kareena!! 🙂

Yes, I eat!: Kareena Kapoor

23 02 2010

If there is one aspect of Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor’s life that rates higher on the gossip charts than her relationship with the Junior Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan, it is her size-zero measurement.

Kareena got into shape under the guidance of dietician Rujuta Diwekar when she had to wear that bikini for Tashan (a film where she also bonded big time with Saif). In Kambakkht Ishq, Bebo once again tantalised the audience when she walked around in a black swimming costume. And each time she shows off her body-shape, she manages to add a few hundred fans to the already existing long list of people who think Bebo has the hottest figure in the business.

But surprise, surprise, Bebo hasn’t starved to get this enviable figure. Says she, “People often wonder whether I eat an orange for  lunch. But that isn’t the case. I eat pasta, pizzas, french fries and even chocolates on occasions. However, I have been taught by my dietician how to eat right. I control the quantities, do upto 40 surya namaskars and stay this way.”

Kareena who leans towards spirituality rather than religion is vegetarian for the last five years of her life. However, she is not an advocate for vegetarianism. “To each his own,” says the reigning Bollywood queen, “Saif can eat a goat for lunch and dinner, and I sit right next to him at the table. I have no issues at all. My sister Karisma Kapur (who has the best figure, according to me) loves her fish curry and rice. My mum Babita, who is Catholic, likes her rum and  raisin pudding. And my father Randhir Kapoor doesn’t know the meaning of the word vegetarian. In fact, he has been in a state of shock for the last five years because I have given up eating meat. He thinks I need my head examined.”

Kareena also laughs and says, “My size zero is such a hot topic of discussion at dinner tables across people’s homes, that when Saif and I eat out at a  restaurant, people don’t stare so much at us, as much as they stare at what is on my plate. Some even ask the maitre de, ‘what is she ordering for dinner?’ I love the curiosity element.” She adds, “But food and films are things for which each one develops their own tastes. What is good enough for me, can never be good for you and vice versa. All I can say is that never starve. Eat right; and you will go places both with your shape and your soul.”

Ranbir has a nickname:Katrina

12 11 2009

And it’s been revealed Katrina Kaif. Of course, Ranbir kept denying it, but given the Kapoor tradition, we were sure he had some cute li’l name tucked away. In fact, during an explosive interview with ZOOM, RK commented on the legacy of Kapoor khandaan’s names, “Everyone has lovely names, but just look at the pet names in my family… Chimpu, Dabboo, Chintu, Lolo, Bebo… I’m happy that I don’t have one. I am plain, old Ranbir.”

But before that breath was even over, Katz let the cat outta the bag. He does have a nick and it was assigned to him by Katrina. She revealed, “Ranbir’s nick-name is ‘Puffin’. Puffin is the national bird of Iceland, and a distant relative of the penguin. The difference is that puffins are more colourful, they have puffier cheeks and coloured beaks. So Ranbir is like a puffin. He’s like a colourful penguin, he has happy feet and on some days he can look really puffy.” She kept laughing even as ‘Puffin’ puffed up in some kinda sulk.

Kareena: I’ll marry after Salman Khan!!

15 10 2009

The two superstars have acted together only once before, in 2005’s disastrous Kyon Ki, but this time there is a definite chemistry between them that has got trade pundits excited. People are still talking about the oomph she oozed in Kambakth Ishq while he continues to be pumped up with muscle from the success of Wanted. If there is any reason why they should not provide fireworks this Diwali, then I do not know about it.

I bumped into the Khannas at Mehboob Studio where they were shooting an ad together. On screen, despite the 14-year age difference, they are said to make an adorable couple and handsomely complement each other. But both are consummate actors. And Salman, I know, is far more fond of her elder sister Karisma with whom he’s had several big hits. While Kareena, despite Salman’s boyish charm and ruggedness, knows she makes the best jodi of all in Bollywood only with Saif Ali Khan. Wait for Karan Johar’s Kurbaan next month and you will know what I mean. Still, and I don’t know what it is, there is a sizzling connect between the two. And the conversation between them sparked and hissed like this:

BT: How was it working together?
Salman: Extraordinary!
Kareena: Rubbish, it was nothing like that… It’s only my second film with him. He’s done many with my sister. We only did Kyon Ki earlier… and it was soppy! This one is lighthearted, it’s sweet, got great

Salman: Soppy? Kyon Ki was depressing… it confused emotion with depression! This is a today film. But, yes, I like Lolo… when I first met Kareena, she was Babita’s arrogant daughter, just nine years old.

Kareena: Hahaha, he was upset because I liked Rahul Roy whose film Aashiqui was a hit…
Salman: She’s still a Rahul Roy fan… he’ll be so happy. I remember she had come to the bottom of her building in a transparent nightie to check me out…

Kareena: Don’t listen to him…
Salman: She reminds me a lot of Sangeeta, her personality, the way she talks, something very similar… mentally, they’re the same age.

Kareena: I had fun making Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. I really don’t know Salman as well as Lolo does. And on sets, I interacted more with Sohail. But I love Salman. We had a blast shooting in Australia. We went out every evening. It’s always great being with him. My family loves him. But the problem is, he treats me like a kid… not a heroine.

Salman: Start by writing, “I love Salman!”
Kareena: Don’t embarrass me. Both Saif and I love Salman.

Salman: Saif is fond of me.

Kareena: Okay, I love Salman… but not as much as Lolo does.

Salman: That’s the second headline!

Kareena: Okay, let’s talk about the film…

Salman: It’s about getting married to stay married, a sweet, sensitive, romantic comedy, there’s no shade of dark in it at all, even though you need grey or black for the hero to stand out. But here’s its done with masti, so the more complicated the script gets, the film becomes dhamal. Had it been made seriously, it would have been morally wrong.

Kareena: It’s about a strong relationship and marriage and a woman who stands by her man.
Salman: The day you get married…

Kareena: I’ll get married after Salman!

So cute, na??