I am no serial dater: Shahid Kapoor Interview!!

17 02 2009

As all of you know I love Shahid Kapoor and by reading this Interview of his I fell in love with him even more!! Plus I try to always find some way of puting Shahid and Amrita Rao in one sentence so I have a chance again!!HE’S SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW AMRITA RAO CAN DATE HIM!!! Anyway here’s the interview:


February 17, 2009, (Sawf News) – Shahid Kapoor fears press projections of him as a serial dater will make it hard for him to hookup with a girl again.

“The way I am being projected as a serial dater, I am sure that I’m not going to get a girlfriend anytime soon,” he lamented speaking to DNA.

But doesn’t he already have a girlfriend? How about the congratulatory text that he sent to Sania after she won the mixed doubles title at the Australian open?

“Isn’t that a normal thing? The whole world congratulated her…” retorts Shahid.

We didn’t, because we don’t have her number, and we doubt many besides Shahid have it!

With three back to back hits – Vivah, Jab We Met and Kismat Konnection – and hunky good looks Shahid has a huge fan base, but few friends in the industry.

“I have a handful of friends left and all of them are from outside the film industry. I am happy this way,” says Shahid, who is currently shooting for Anurag Singh’s Next in Jaipur with Rani Mukerji. The film additionally features Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra.

Shahid feels tabloid interest in his personal life is intrusive but he has no intention of wielding the pen himself, even though his grandfather, Anwar Azeem, was a noted journalist.

Good Boy Shahid Kapoor to go Bad!!!

31 08 2008


The all time hottie Shahid Kapoor who is presently working in a film with Priyanka Chopra suprised the world when he said that he had a negative role. Shahid who worked in films being the Good Boy such as Dil Maange More, Jab We Met, Fida, Fool n Final, Kismat Konnection, Shikar, Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi, Ishq, Vishq, and Vivah… the list goes on… is finally doing a negative role… so when this flick comes out and you guys watch it can you tell me if Shahid dies at the end or looses the love battle because if he does then I’m not watching it because I don’t want to die crying… So anyways lets see if the good boy gone bad makes a hit in the box office.

Kismat Konnection Promo Clip!

12 05 2008


Yes, it’s true a clip of the Kismat Konnection Promo has came out! I watched it and it’s great. Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan do look cute together but of course SHAHID AND AMRITA ARE THE CUTEST AND SHOULD GO OUT!!! But then again i totally love to watch the movie and can’t wait to watch the movie!!! SO enjoy the clip above 🙂




Vidya misbehaving while drunk? :(

11 05 2008

I first heard it from Bollywood Mantra that are very own Vidya Balan the girl who was well behaved and never did any wrong deeds, broke all the rules when she was at a party in London. Vidya never reached that point where she had failed to control herself, but at the party she was heavily drunk that she crossed the limit and lost all her self- respect and respect for others. She went up to the guests at the party and strted to swear and insult them. We only heard that girl for reasons like a wordrobe malfunction or that she has a closeness to Shahid Kapoor (she better not ! 😦 ) which probably haunted the girl for nights but now we know that she’ll never sleep in peace again! It’s okay Vidya mistakes do happen even though that was the biggest mistake you could make in the book of making mistakes! And then again Shahid and Vidya’ s new movie Kismet Konnection is supposed to hit the theaters soon. I wish both Shahid (especially 🙂 ) and Vidya good luck for Kismet Konnection!

Vidya Balan Vidya Balan



Shahid, Vidya, and Kismat Konnection

30 04 2008

Shahid Kapoor working opposite Vidya Balan are releasing there new movie Kismat Konnection. The movie will be releasing July 18th. But that is not why I’m writing this post! I’m writing it because there was a rumour going around Bollywood that Shahid and Vidya are an ( it breaks my heart to say) item. But of course that is another piece of bull*/%# (excuse my language). Why can’t people just put Shahid and Amrita Rao together and stick with it ! So that they both will get mad at the rumors of thier affair and start dating!! I mean look at the pictures and tell me which couple looks better! God sometimes people in this world can be so stupid. And if any actor who knows Vidya Balan please tell her to stay the hell away from Shahid. Thank you. That will be all for today… or not… Vidya she’s pretty and every thing but she does need a good make-up artist for her movies! Plus she needs to stay away from my man or something is going down! Okay now that will be all for today… bye…