Neil Nitin not worried about competition!

7 12 2008

Neil NitinNeil is experiencing quiet a career high these days what with films like Aa Dekhe Zaraa, Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail and a Yash Raj banner film, titled New York in his kitty. Neil says he finds no time to think about anything else in life. Quiz him about his contemporaries and the stiff competition he is facing from them and he says “I am not worried about competition” he says. “Fortunately a whole lot of my friends like Ranbir Kapoor, Sikander Kher, Imran Khan and Harman Baweja we all made it into films at the same time and everyone is busy and is doing good work. There is enough space for everyone here” he says.

Feeling proud that he was the first one to make an entry into bollywood Neil says “Johnny Gaddaar was the first film to release amongst the lot. We are all doing amazing and brilliant films of different genres. Everyone is experimenting and that is very exicting he says. Ranbir has already proved himself with Bachna Ae Haseeno . Imraan was good in Jaane Tu… and Kidnap . Again Sikander Kher is a talented guy. Harman is again a dark Horse. He was brilliant in Love Story… and now Victory is up for release. All these are nice guys.”

“We are all good friends. Ranbir and me are like family. He is like a brother to me. He is mischievous like hell but he is damn sweet. I have met Harman just once. He messaged me to congratulate during Johnny Gaddar. I did the same after watching his debut film. I don’t know Imraan personally. He seems to be a bundle of talent. I would love to meet him and be friends with him too” adds Neil further.

He continues “There’s a dearth of new talent and we all are working hard and doing well. We have been appreciated in some way or the other. We all are moving on and are happy doing what we are doing. I don’t think there’s any kind of insecurity in me or the others.”  -(SAMPURN)

Interview:Neil Nitin on acting and furture projects!

4 12 2008


Neil Nitin Mukesh gets candid about his family and upcoming films on the sets of Jehangir Surti’s Freeze, now titled Aa Dekhen Zara.

Were you always interested in acting?
I wanted to be an actor ever since I can remember. I was four when I acted in Yash Chopra’s Vijay. I have inherited musical genes from my family and I can sing, play the piano and compose songs as well. Someday I might just turn composer for my films, considering that I have made my singing debut in Aa Dekhen Zara. I am proud of my legacy!

After Johnny Gaddaar your next release is Aa Dekhen Zara. Is it also an unconventional role this time?
What unconventional role are you talking about? I decided to start my career with Johnny Gaddaar because I was sure I did not want to start out with romantic lover-boy roles. But now I am doing films that interest me and Aa Dekhen Zara has a great story. It is a romantic thriller and I play a photographer. Is that an unconventional role? And if it is then all my films will have an unconventional element!

You also brought yourself a new Canon camera.
Yeah! I can call myself a professional photographer now! The camera is one instrument that has always fascinated me. I took to photography while shooting for this film and now I am hooked onto it! My camera is my constant companion!

Are you paired opposite Bipasha Basu?
Yes! Working with her was so good! She is a brilliant co-star and she is in the best phase of her career. She has never looked prettier than what she does in Aa Dekhen..! Her performance too is outstanding.

Why has the title changed from Freeze to Aa Dekhen Zara?
Freeze was always a tentative, working title! Aa Dekhen Zara fits perfectly as it is about this boy who has a camera that shows him the future. And all of us knew that we were making an Indian film and we wanted a title to which people would relate.

You also do a few stunts in the film.
Yes! I injured myself quite a few times too while doing the stunts. I had to jump off a building from the ninth floor twice! The second time because, they couldnt capture me when I jumped the first time.

So what do you usually consider when you take up a film?
The director! The captain of the ship is most important to me! The script, co-stars, everything is secondary!

What is your part in YRF’s New York?
New York is a very simple film with strong characters. I am playing an ordinary guy, very raw and real. Besides that I cannot reveal anything about my role!

Didn’t you and John bond big time on the sets?
New York was the best shoot of my life. John is like an elder brother now and I adore him! Katrina is a darling to work with. We worked, went to the gym and chilled out! It wasn’t one bit boring!

You feature in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail. Did you really shoot in a jail for the film?
Madhur is so carefree and relaxed and the kind of cinema he makes is because he has such a strong hold with the human element in him and that comes out of his work. Jail is a very important film for me! The character is more complex than you think. Yes, we are planning to shoot inside a jail and we still are scouting a series of jails for the shoot.

What are your future projects?
Besides New York and Jail I am doing Sudhir Mishra’s film Tera Kya Hoga Johnny with Soha Ali Khan. After that comes Abbas-Mustan’s thriller to which I am really looking forward to. It has a great story and I have a beautiful co-star too! Finally Ken Ghosh’s romantic film with Amrita Rao is a sweet, simple love story!

Priyanka: I wear 137 costumes in “Fashion”. (Interview)

29 10 2008

Priyanka Chopra

New Delhi, Oct 29 (IANS) In Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Fashion”, actress Priyanka Chopra will be seen in an unbelievable 137 outfits in the film!Priyanka plays a small-town girl, Meghna Mathur, who goes on to become a supermodel in Mumbai. The dresses support the five subtle but distinct phases her character goes through in the film.

“I wear 137 costumes in ‘Fashion’, and it was required as my character goes through a huge journey in one-and-a-half years. And we had a lot of montages in the film, a lot of ad commercials and of course fashion shows, which is why the requirement of costumes was so high for my character,” Priyanka told IANS in an interview.

Priyanka is seen flaunting a range of clothes from designer wear, while sashaying down the ramp, to t-shirts and jeans while portraying a model’s normal life.

Throwing light on her different looks in the film, she said: “There are five changes that happen to my character in the film. When she comes from Chandigarh, she has a little bit of a small-town kind of styling, then she becomes a model… a little more polished. She then becomes very stylish and then a supermodel.

“When she loses her head, she becomes very arrogant and her make-up becomes darker and a lot more edgy. Then during her downfall, I am devoid of make- up. The resurrection portion is softer because she is scared and broken while trying to regain her self-confidence. We tried all those looks to keep different so that the character’s journey looks seamless through the film.”

The much-awaited “Fashion” is a take on the Indian fashion industry and also stars Kangana Ranaut, debutante Mugdha Godse, Arbaaz Khan, Arjan Bajwa and many of the who’s who of the fashion fraternity.

Taking on Meghna’s role was not a cakewalk for the beauty queen-turned-actress, as she had to go for method acting for her character.

“I added on six kilograms to look like a girl from Punjab before shedding it off as the film progresses. I went through a learning process to make my character look real. I had to study the character to live it and the film is looking good,” Priyanka said.

However, not many know that Priyanka was initially apprehensive of signing on for the project and kept it on hold for six months.

“I said yes to ‘Fashion’ after six months. I wasn’t sure about many things when it came to me. Also, I wasn’t pretty sure about myself… whether I’d be able to do justice to the role or not. But Madhur showed immense confidence in me and I finally said yes,” she revealed.

The actress was thrilled when she started working as she got to catch up with her old friends from the ramp world during the shooting.

“I got to meet all my old friends – Nayonika (Chatterjee), Diandra (Soares), Bhawna (Sharma) and Lubna (Adams). I got to hang out with them. It brought back so much because Nayonika was the first one who taught me how to walk the ramp and I’ve always looked up to her with a lot of respect.

“I knew if I was doing this film, she had to be on board. I begged her but she refused to come because she has a young daughter in Delhi and she couldn’t come to Mumbai for the entire duration of the film. But I insisted that she be there for every show in the film and she kindly obliged,” the actress said.

The year so far hasn’t proved quite successful for Priyanka as all four of her releases – “Love Story 2050″, “God Tussi Great Ho”, “Chamku” and “Drona” – turned out to be box office duds. The actress, however, does not shy away from her failures and is optimistic about her career.

“Nobody can decide the destiny of a film. My films haven’t done well and I haven’t shied away from that. I don’t think failures really affect careers very much if you are good in the film,” she said.

Priyanka will be next seen in Dharma Productions’ “Dostana” and is also shooting for films like “Kaminay” and “What’s Your Raashee”.

She also has sequels to “Don – The Chase Begins Again” and “Drona” already in her kitty apart from an item number opposite Shah Rukh Khan in “Billo Barber”.

~ Also it was rumored that Kareena Kapoor is also gonig to do a item number in ‘Billo Baber” along with Priyanka Chopra. We can hope to see if “Fashion” is a lucky charm for Priyanka!