No shoots with Shahid:Kareena

18 05 2010

We had heard that Kareena Kapoor will do anything for Boney Kapoor’s Milenge Milenge, but the truth is far from otherwise.

The top actress has been giving grief to the producer by postponing and not giving dates to shoot the promotional video, which on her request is being shot separately, and not with Shahid.

After her break-up with Shahid Kapoor, it has become next to impossible to get both of them in the same frame. With Milenge Milenge being stuck in the pipeline for the longest time, this dilly-dallying by Bebo has been a further hindrance.

A source from the unit reveals, “On Kareena’s say they decided to shoot the promotional video separately and merge them while editing. Shahid shot his part, and Bebo still had to finish her part. But the actress kept postponing and giving her dates to her other projects. She was busy shooting for Stepmom and now it is Golmaal 3 in Goa.”

The source continues, “Boney had a word with Kareeena while she was in Goa and plans were also getting implemented for them to go shoot her part in Goa. But her hectic schedule in Goa also cancelled this plan.

Now that she is returning back to Mumbai, he plans to get her dates and finish off her portion for the promotional video as soon as possible.”

When contacted Boney he says, “The promotional video was never meant to be shot together. Shahid has already shot his part and Kareena was supposed to shoot separately her part when she was in town for Stepmom photo shoots, but it couldn’t happen then.”

He adds, “Kareena is currently in Goa shooting for Golmaal 3 and will do her part very soon. We will be shooting in an outdoor location because we require a sunset scene.”

Kareena Kapoor was unavailable for comment.


“Yes Shahid & Kareena Kapoor will soon shoot a sizzling music video.”

27 03 2010

Media may be agog with the news that the ex-flames Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are not ready to come together to do the required promotional activities for their upcoming film MILENGE MILENGE, produced by Boney Kapoor.

But the fact is the duo is quite willing to be present for any activity related to their film.

Infact both Shahid & Kareena will soon be shooting for a music video for MILENGE MILENGE, which will be choreographed by ace choreographer and good friend of Shahid – Ahmed Khan. And this announcement comes from the production house itself, “Yes Shahid & Kareena Kapoor will soon shoot a sizzling music video.”

Meanwhile Boney Kapoor has revised the release date of MILENGE MILENGE to 2nd July 2010.

My Word: Oh! I hope these two become friends at least!! Can’t wait to see the music video + movie..and I hope the production house shoot the video as said!!

Shahid+Kareena promoting seperately better:Boney

15 03 2010

I guess it's just time to let go 😦

Plans for bringing Kareena and Shahid Kapoor together to promote their pending project Milenge Milenge have been called off. It has now been decided by producer Boney Kapoor that the pair will promote the film individually. This, to avoid Kareena who’s in a committed relationship, any embarrassment and awkwardness, although Shahid who had no objections to collaborating with Kareena on the promotion seems unaware of these developments.

When asked if he’d be willing to promote the film jointly with Kareena, Shahid says enthusiastically, “Yes, I’ll do everything I can to promote it. Of course I’ll do everything in my power to see the film gets properly released. It’s my film.”

Shahid says he has no problems whatsoever promoting the film with Kareena. However, producer Boney Kapoor feels it’s wiser and more discreet to let Shahid and Kareena do separate promotional work.

Says Boney, “We’re getting Shahid and Kareena to do separate promotional activities. That way we give them space to be comfortable with the situation and also we get twice the amount of publicity for Milenge Milenge that we would if the pair promoted the film jointly.”

Shahid has not only decided to go all-out for Milenge Milenge, he has also been taking interest in the release date to ensure that it releases at a time when it is likely to get the best audience.

He recently had a meeting with producer Boney Kapoor and they mutually agreed to postpone the release from April to later during the year.

Says Shahid, “We met and took a joint decision. Boneyji was co-operative. Otherwise I’d have had three releases-Milenge Milenge, Paathshala and Badmaash Company-in one month.”

Boney says he’s getting Milenge Milenge ready for release in the last week of June or the first week of July. “Milenge Milenge would be Shahid’s last release until his father’s film Mausam. Kareena and he look gorgeous together.”

In fact Shahid is enormously enthusiastic about Milene Milenge. Last week he met the film’s director Satish Kaushik. Says Satish emotionally, “Though we live in the same building Shahid and I never meet! I know him from the time he was a child. On Saturday night, we bumped into each other in our high-rise compound after a party. We spoke for nearly an hour about Milenge Milenge. Shahid told me the project is very dear to him and that he would go all out to promote the film however my producer Boney Kapoor and I wanted. Shahid is at our disposal. He also asked me to update him on music video shoot.”

Kareena finishes dubbing for Milenge Milenge!

7 03 2010

The much-delayed ‘Milenge Milenge’ will finally see the light of the day with actress Kareena Kapoor busy completing the dubbing as well as the promotional video of the film.

“Though the film has been in its making stages for quite a while now, Kareena Kapoor has been very patient and in spite of having a plethora of brands and other film shoots she is making sure she gives ‘Milenge Milenge’ its due attention,” sources close to the actress said.

Both Boney Kapoor and director Satish Kaushik are raving about the actress’s accomodating attitude, they said.

The film will bring together Kareena and ex-beau Shahid Kapur, last seen together in Imtiaz Ali’s 2007 hit ‘Jab We Met’.

source : ptinews

Milenge Milenge April 2nd!!

19 02 2010

Though a lot of speculation is being made about Kareena Kapoor & Shahid Kapur not teaming up for any film project or related promotional activities, but
Shahid-Kareena definitely MILENGE this summer!

Well, all those fans who are eagerly waiting to see their favourite jodi Shahid-Kareena (JAB WE MET fame) once again on-screen, here’s piece of good news for them. Boney Kapoor’s long time awaited film, the Shahid & Kareena starrer MILENGE MILENGE is scheduled for worldwide release on 2nd April 2010.

The film, which was in the making from quite sometime now, is finally up for release.

MILENGE MILENGE is directed by Satish Kaushik with music by Himmesh Reshammiya.

source : glamsham

My Word: Hopefully there is no more delays and hopefully Shahid and Kareena will actually try to promote this movie together…okay maybe I’m pushing it…but at least they could promote it seperately!!

‘Milenge Milenge’ Release delayed again!

7 02 2010

Kareena and Shahid together again? No ways!

It is a likely first reaction, when one hears the above. Barring the fanatic Bolly fans that is, who would know why and where Shahid and Bebo Milenge, Milenge!
Yes, for Boney Kapoor’s movie indeed! The once real life couple are going to come together to shoot for a promotional music video for Milenge Milenge, a project that has gained a substantial section of its media coverage from the very fact that it co-stars the ex-lovers!

The movie was scheduled to be released on February 14, but has been postponed to a tentative time in March-April as the music video is yet to be shot.

The buzz says that Boney Kapoor has already asked both Kareena and Shahid to do the video. The senior man believes that they are both professionally adept and unlikely hence to give him trouble. He adds that the actors had previously shot for the foot tapping musical hit Mauja Hi Mauja in Jab We Met after their split.

Confident Boney Kapoor is hence, for the video and its shooting, with a special favor for the track scored by the composer Himesh Reshamiya, which he feels has come out really well.

With the past telling its tale, wherein the only recorded hit of this one time real life jodi was post their split, one hopes the same can hold true with Shahid and Kareena on screen, perhaps a last time, for a long, long time!