Kapoors give Deepika a miss??

27 01 2010

We all know that Deepika has never been Neetu and Rishi Kapoors favourite. Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that yesterday, Rishis elder brother Randhir Kapoor, who hosted a dinner for his co-actors from Sajid Khan’s Houseful , apparently did not invite Deepika to his Chembur residence despite her being one of the films lead actresses . A few hours before the dinner party a source said, Sajid Nadiadwala , Sajid Khan, Farah Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh and Boman Irani will attend the dinner. The whole thing stemmed from a conversation at Bomans 25th wedding anniversary party when the Houseful actors told Randhir that they wanted to eat the traditional Kapoor khaana at his house. Randhir, of course, was more than happy to invite them over.

When contacted, Randhir told us that none of the three girls from Houseful – Deepika, Lara Dutta and Jiah Khan were invited. He said, I have invited only a few friends. The girls are not in Mumbai. The dinner has nothing to do with Houseful. Can’t I have a few friends at my place once in a while.

Surprisingly, Jiah told us that she was trying her best to reach the party when asked if she was invited. She sent us a text message, Yeah, I know about the party. I am trying to go. But it is also my uncles birthday tonight and will try to go to both the places. It would be wonderful to see all of them again and Dabooji (as Randhir is fondly called) is so wonderful. While we could not confirm if Lara was indeed not invited, Deepika Padukone remained evasive.

We didn’t teach acting to Ranbir:Neetu Singh Kapoor

3 05 2009

Here’s an interview with one of the biggest star in Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor’s mother, Neetu Singh Kapoor.

(IANS) Her son is a star and she too is making a comeback with “Do Dooni Chaar” after more than two decades, but Neetu Singh says that neither she nor her actor husband Rishi Kapoor has ever tried to coach Ranbir despite having so many years of experience in Bollywood.

 “This is something that we were very sure about since the very beginning of Ranbir’s career. He has been doing his own stuff. ‘Saawariya’ as well as ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ have shown that he has been making smart choices and succeeding quite well,” Neetu Singh told IANS.

“We never thought of teaching acting to Ranbir. Whatever he has done, he has done on his own. Of course, whenever he has needed any help, we have always been there just like any other parents would be. But beyond that it’s always up to him on how he wants to interpret a character and portray it on the screen,” she added.

However, the family has been sharing a healthy interaction over the years as Bollywood has been a part of their blood.

“We do talk about movies most of the time and over the years whenever a film has released, regardless of which actor stars in it, we have spoken about it”, she said.

“It could have been a dining table conversation where we would have collectively critiqued a film. It could be positive or constructive talk about a film and along with Ranbir we have got into discussions around the way a particular scene unfolds or an actor performs,” Neetu said.

So which of her husband’s performances would she rate the highest over the years?

” ‘Chandni’ and ‘Damini’,” she replied promptly. “He has been very good in dozens of films over the last 40-odd years, but from the recent lot of his films, these two films are closest to my heart. These were difficult roles, especially ‘Damini’ where he had such a huge predicament to face. And he played this role to perfection,” Neetu said.

One of the popular actresses of the 1970s and 1980s, Neetu featured in a string of hits like “Khel Khel Mein”, “Priyatama”, “Deewar”, “Kala Patthar”, “Doosra Admi” and “Kabhi Kabhie”.

Years after her last big film “Yaarana” (1981) with Amitabh Bachchan, she would now be seen in “Do Dooni Chaar” along with Rishi Kapoor. What made her take the plunge?

“Frankly, there were offers over the years, but we all were so busy in our things,” she smiled. “Then my daughter Riddhima got married while Ranbir too began his acting career. This is when this exciting film ‘Do Dooni Chaar’ came up and I was game for the comeback. The film is a meaningful light-hearted entertainer where Rishi-ji plays a mathematics teacher while I play his wife and a mother of two grown-up kids.”

Directed by Habib Faisal, “Do Dooni Chaar” would be releasing in the latter half of 2009.

Neetu disapproves Deepika-Ranbir and likes Sonam Kapoor!

11 02 2009

See Neetu Singh Kapoor-ji and I have a lot in common like her I too disapprove of Deepika-Ranbir relationship and like Sonam Kapoor muc more. Obviously Neetu knows that her son has gone insane by dating Deepika and plainly say’s that she won’t accept Deepika as her bahu (daughter-in-law) then what’s the issue?? Um..oh yeah… RANBIR IS STUPID AND BLIND FOR DATING HER!!!!! Truely sorry if you like Deepika just trying to show a little hate 🙂

A  few days back Ranbir Kapoor’s mom Neetu Singh, who already dreamt Deepika as her daughter-in-law, raised everybody’s eyebrows by saying, “Deepika is just another girlfriend in Ranbir’s life.”

Mrs. Kapoor expressed her dislike against Deepika publicly. She raised questions over Deepika, and news spread far and wide that Deepika is not her choice.

Neetu Singh also said, “Both of them are very young. It’s a long way to go before marriage. No one knows what future holds for them.”

Now, it’s Deepika’s turn to react over the comment that Neetu Singh has made.

Deepika, who hates making any statement on her personal life, opened her mouth for the first time.

Placing the rumor in rest about Neetu’s being disapproving of her, Deepika said, “I’ve only met her a couple of times and hardly interacted with Ranbir’s parents. I’ve the highest regard for her. Ranbir and I will get to know each other’s parents when the time is right. At the moment we’re both focused on our careers.”

It is already known that Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are going through bad time in their love relationship for quite sometime. And moreover their relationship was brought under scanner many times.
Over her ample liaison and break up news in media, Deepika commented, “The only time Ranbir and I have spoken is about each other is when we wanted to confess our love. Then they’ve been bringing us together, splitting us up … I’m very secure and happy in our relationship.”

It is also learnt that Neetu had a liking for Sonam Kapoor who was known to them since childhood.

Ranbir’s Not So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :(

29 09 2008


Above: Ranbir with Family (Left to Right): Rishi,Ranbir,Riddhima,Neetu

One would expect Ranbir Kapoor to have a big celebration on his birthday, yesterday. But that is far from what actually happened. The actor celebrated his birthday in Ooty while shooting his upcoming film, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

Director Raj Kumar Santoshi organised a small party for Ranbir in his hotel room on Saturday night. Santoshi said, “Ranbir cut a cake and we celebrated his birthday, though not as enthusiastically as we’d have liked to.

Ranbir is way too focused on his work to let a birthday and celebrations come in his way. In fact, Ranbir quickly wrapped up the party because he wanted to be alert for the shoot next morning.”

Revealing why Ranbir wasn’t too enthusiastic about the party, Santoshi said, “The people he loves the most his parents (Rishi and Neetu), sister (Riddhima) and girlfriend Deepika (Padukone) couldn’t join him.”

Poor Ranbir well we still hope that all his wishes and dreams come true. Happy Birthday!!