Ranbir and I make a nice couple: Katrina Kaif

11 10 2009

Although Katrina denies having any affair with co-star Ranbir or allegedly dating the star she does admit that they make a cute couple.

But Katrina will lead you on a merry dance before she even discusses Ranbir as a co-star. The reason for her reluctance to discuss Ranbir, Bollywood’s hottest property at this point, is simple: she is still struggling to come clean on being nothing more than his co-star. The media link-ups have definitely made it awkward for KK to even address Ranbir in a casual manner.

That predicament be as it may,  Katrina is definitely rocking in her professional career. Excited at the way her songs in APKGK are looking, she says, “This film which is whacky, was to come in May, unfortunately the multiplex strike has pushed it to November. Now like eager school kids we are awaiting our turn to get on the release bus. With every film I’ve become jumpy and nervous. I await each release with a kind of nervous energy that I didn’t know I had. I’ve finally found my feet in Bollywood and now I’m able to enjoy each release as a versatile performer.’’

The film, she feels, gave her a chance to explore her comic timing. And after the success of New York, Katz is confident this film will prove to be one more feather in her cap. When she can’t escape talking about Ranbir, Katz weighs her words very carefully and says, “We’re all aesthetic people. Ranbir and I make a nice looking couple so the reactions from the industry have been positive. He is someone who matches my obsession and my energy on the set. I have extra exuberance (that is sometimes unnecessary) and since Ranbir is in my own age bracket, he can match my enthusiasm. It’s a kind of a competition between the two of us. And, I can tell you, Ranbir is a little more enthusiastic than all his co-stars put together as far as his work goes. He is totally dedicated to cinema.’’

On Diwali, Katrina will also have been in a seven-minute appearance in Anthony D’Souza’s Blue and then in a fleeting romantic mode with her favourite co-star Akshay Kumar in Priyadarshan’s De Dhana Dhan. While she makes it clear that Blue is a guest appearance, she says, “De Dhana Dhan is something I did for Akshay. His energy levels are unmatchable.’’ For some strange reasons, her thoughts fly to a desert number with Akki in Singh is Kingg. “The heat was like a thousand degrees,’’ she recalls. “It was hard to breathe. Yet Akshay doing the song with total intensity; it was as if he was unmindful of the hard sun beating down on us. When I saw that I said, ‘God, I can’t be matching his energy with anything less… so I gave it my 200 per cent also.’’

Katrina finally gets a partner!!

14 06 2009

Sometime back, Katrina Kaif was said to have been searching for a partner to appear on Salman Khan’s TV game show “10 Ka Dum”.

Katrina and Salman are said to be left with few friends in the industry, which made it difficult for Kat to find a partner. But now the search is over.

Her “New York” co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh finally agreed to be on show with Katrina. Together they will promote “New York’ on the show.

John Abraham, who also features in the film, was absent from the show’s shooting which took place earlier this week.

According to sources, John too was invited on the show but he chose to remain absent – one reason could be that he was nursing his fractured foot and hence could not come for the shoot; second could be that after his alleged link-up with Sallu’s girlfriend, he did not want to face Salman and his personal sarcastic questions, and that too in front of Katrina.

Meanwhile, those present during the shoot say Katrina was in a light-hearted mood and seemed relaxed on the show. Even Neil seemed to have enjoyed his first appearance on a television reality show.

We are eagerly looking forward to this episode of “10 Ka Dum”.

Last season, when Katrina appeared on this show, Salman was openly affectionate and indulgent. But a lot seems to have happened in their lives since then so it will be interesting to see if their relationship has been affected by these developments or not.

John and Bipasha what I call :”The REAL couple of Bollywood”!!

3 06 2009

This is probably the only couple in Bollywood that I’m truely happy about. No rubbish, no crap, just straight forward and true love! Bipasha Basu and John Abraham FOREVER!!!

John is currently nursing a fractured foot. The rumour has been an eye-opener of sorts for John who is now all the more sure about Bipasha being the woman of his dreams.

A common friend of the couple said, “John doesn’t believe in demonstrating his love for Bipasha. He isn’t the kind of lover who says, ‘I love you’ every half an hour. But, Bipasha craves that. And thanks to the recent rumours about Katrina, John s u d d e n l y seems inclined to go all-out to show how much he loves his woman.”

In fact on hearing about John’s injury, Bipasha’s first impulse was to come to Mumbai. But she couldn’t because of the tight shooting schedule.

The friend added, “The Katrina rumours have made John and Bipasha more determined to keep their relationship on a firm footing. Since Bipasha can’t join him in Mumbai and John has a month off because of his fracture, he intends to go to Goa to be with her as soon as his doctor gives him the green signal.”

At the moment, John is in acute pain and he is quite worried about his exercise regimen.

Following his doctor’s orders, John intends to exercise his upper body at home. And he can’t wait to limp to Goa to be with the woman he calls “the most wonderful person I’ve ever met.”

~Awww! Now that’s true love and soooooo cute 🙂 :)~

“What stuff of mine has Salman thrown away??”:Katrina Kaif

2 06 2009

Katrina Kaif gets back at the media about the stupid rumors of her having a relationship with John Abraham, and spilled the beans on her status with Salman Khan!! And yes, they’re dating!!

May 28, 2009, (Sawf News) – Katrina Kaif says all is well between her and Salman Khan and reports that the mercurial star threw her belongings out of his house aren’t true.

“What stuff of mine has Salman thrown away,” asks Katrina, who stays in an independent apartment.

“I haven’t given him any gifts till date. And all my other personal stuff is still lying around in his house, intact. Most importantly, my photographs are still hanging on the walls.”

Mumbai tabloids recently reported that Salman threw Katrina’s belongings out of his ground floor home in Galaxy Apartments, Bandra West, in a fit of rage after finding texts from John Abraham, her New York co-star, on her cell phone.

“I’ve no idea where this story started from,” Katrina told BT yesterday, “but Salman was very angry and he was ready to clear the air with the people who started it, but they didn’t come on the line. So obviously, someone’s up to mischief.”

Clarifying her relationship with John, Katrina added:

“John was a sweetheart, we enjoyed each other’s company. There are some friendships that are carried on even after the film is completed. But John and I never became that kind of friends. The SMSes were old ones, not new. All this is rubbish.”

Salman has been dating Katrina since 2003.

So here’s a special tribute to Salman-Katrina!!

John with Katrina?? “No way!” says Bipasha Basu!!

31 05 2009


Bips clears out the link-up between Katrina-John…

Mumbai – The grapevine is abuzz with rumors that Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif, who reportedly broke up with Bollywood hunk Salman Khan earlier this week, is the new love interest of John Abraham (of Dhoom fame).

However, John’s current girlfriend Bipasha Basu has cleared the air, saying “No Way!”

In the past, John has been romantically linked up with Mallika Sherawat (when the two did a world tour), Lara Dutta (Elaan) and Vidya Balan (Salaam-e-Ishq) but the ravishing Bips has dismissed the John-Katrina link-up as figment of the media’s imagination.

“John and I have gone through enough of such gossip. I don’t want to give any credibility to this by even commenting on it. It is malicious and absolutely the most bizarre story involving us. Just for the knowledge of people who actually love us together, we are very happy being with each other, and we’re responsible and protective about our relationship,” the Bong bombshell told The Times of India.

According to a Bollywood source, John and Katrina have being romantically linked up due to their close proximity during the promotion of their movie New York and they were spotted exchanges SMSs. Besides John and Salman are known for sharing cold vibes for quite some time. “This is bizarre. John was shocked to read stories of his ‘latest flame.’ He is absolutely happy with Bips and they both had a good laugh over the latest rumor,” the source said.

Perhaps true. But can the media be blamed since all the Bollywood hotties find John so attractive?

John and Katrina Kaif photoshoot for “New York” movie!!

13 03 2009

Here are some pictures of Katrina Kaif and John Abraham posing for thier new release of “New York” with Neil Niten Mukesh also!! I can’t believe Katrina Kaif and John are working together after Bipasha-Katrina and Salman-John fight!!

johnkat.jpg picture by wasabi_girl1