Fighting with Bhansali was a mistake:Farah Khan

17 04 2009

Farah Khan now admits that it was a mistake to fight with Bhansali!!

Director Farah Khan opens up about her infamous war with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Farah’s Om Shanti Om (OSO) clashed with Ranbir Kapoor-Sonam Kapoor’s launch vehicle Saawariya as both directors fought a duel at the box-office (and off it too). As Saawariya bit the dust, OSO had a two-week record breaking opening run. “At no point did I want to fight (with Sanjay Leela Bhanshali). Looking back, I feel that we shouldn’t have clashed against each other. I never wanted to get into a race and unfortunately it turned into a race. The marketing of the film went berserk — but you know what? We recently got an award for that. OSO has been named as one of the best marketed films of the decade,” she says, adding, “I think we would have got a better opening had I not pitched my movie against his (Sanjay). We could have got 20% more business had we decided to release our movies on separate dates.”

She says that she is never going to repeat that mistake. “My next movie (Happy New Year with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead) will not be pitched against any big release. I totally support the move that two big releases should not be pitted against each other.”

Speaking on the sidelines of Zee TV’s reality show Dance India Dance, Farah reveals that she is going to introduce another new face opposite Shah Rukh like what she did with Deepika Padukone in OSO. “It will be a boy this time. He will be my surprise package. I can’t tell you much about it because I have still not finished my script but this is for sure that the star cast will be much bigger than OSO.”

Farah also denies that she gave Kylie Minogue a taste of her temper when she was recently dance directing her for a music video of Blue. “Everybody is making me out like this nutcase who loses her temper at the drop of a hat. Come on, I don’t get angry all the time. Kylie is very sweet and I never had any issues with her.”



Sonam and Deepika…friends???

28 12 2008


You wouldn’t expect Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor to even have a cordial relation with each other, forget being friends. The two were pitted against each other as arch rivals professionally (Deepika’s debut film Om Shanti Om and Sonam’s debut Saawariya released on the same day – November 9 2007) as well as personally (Ranbir and Sonam were a couple before Ranbir started seeing Deepika). But the buzz is that the two actresses have become good friends. This happened after Deepika broke the ice and went out of her way to extend her hand of friendship to Sonam.

A source close to the actress said, “Deepika is down-to-earth and friendly by nature. This so-called wall between the two was eating into her. So she decided to initiate a friendship by giving Sonam a gift during Diwali. Sonam was pleasantly surprised at Deepika’s sweet gesture and thanked her profusely. That broke the supposed cold vibes between the two. With the guard let down from both the sides, the actresses spoke their heart out to each other and put aside their differences. At the end of their conversation, they both realised that there was no animosity from both the ends and decided to be friends. Since then Deepika and Sonam have remained good friends. Besides meeting regularly, the actresses enjoy their girlie talk over calls and smses and even hang out. Recently they even went to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, albeit in a group which also had Ranbir.”

Gone are the days when Sonam and Ranbir would avoid bumping into each other at filmi dos and common friends parties.

The source added, “Things have changed today. If Ranbir and Sonam share a cordial relationship today it is thanks to Deepika.”

We sent text messages to Deepika and Sonam but they both remained unavailable for comment.

~ Ask me on what this is all about and I could tell you various things such as :

1) Deepika and Sonam might  just truely be friends! 🙂

2) People spread rumors on behalf of Deepika to show she is a caring person.

3) This might just be an act for a rumorerd movie starring : Ranbir,Sonam,Deepika .

4) Plain everyday rumor.

5) Deepika wants to get rid of Ranbir and so she’s going to become friends with Sonam and …Ranbir + Sonam will fall in love and then Deepika will blame the break-up on Sonam 🙂 (JOKING)

We might never find out.

ANYWAYS click on this title and comment on what you think this is all about. Please be approprite ! 🙂

Sonam takes life slowly

29 09 2008

Sonam Kapoor is taking life slowly after her first film’s release in 2007. It’s been more than a year since people saw the Saawariya girl on screen.

While contemporaries such as Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have raced ahead with other films, doesn’t she think there has been a time lag between her first movie and Dilli 6 which is set to release early next year? She says, “I have just started my career and I think it’s absolutely all right if I am doing my second film in a years’ time. So what if my contemporaries have done a film before me?”

Denying that her role in Saawariya will only typecast her in the directors’s eyes, she says, “You can’t say a person has been typecast just after doing one film. I am really enjoying my role in Dilli 6 because it’s very different from what I played in my earlier film.”

Sonam is reluctant to talk about her ex-beau Ranbir Kapoor. She quips, “He already has a girlfriend and I wouldn’t want to interfere between the two. Ranbir has always been a very good friend of mine and we have never stopped talking,” she says. Sonam denies regarding Deepika as competition. “She is a lovely girl and one of my best friend’s girlfriend. Why should I take her as a competitor? ” she remarks. 

Sonam admits that it was very exciting to walk the ramp for the India Couture Week recently. “I just walked the ramp for designer Anamika Khanna. It was good fun being a model,” she says.

Sonam had assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali during the making of Black. So will she be donning the director’s hat any time in the future? “I don’t like to think too much about the future because I get scared. I like to take one day at a time. At the moment I am happy being an actor. But I like to keep my options open. You never know if someday I may direct a film of my own,” she says.

Another Day!!! Your Vote!

6 05 2008

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You Vote: Saawariya or Om Shanti Om?

5 05 2008

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Sonam v.s. Deepika

4 05 2008




As you all should know Sonam Kapoor looks a thousand times better than Deepika Padukone. Just looks at the pictures above. But then the question is who looks better with Ranbir? Well then again Sonam Kapoor looks better with Ranbir Kapoor than Deepika Padukone looks with Ranbir Kapoor! So then why is Ranbir dating Deepika because he’s an idiot! Sonam Kapoor has not had so much publicity v.s. Deepika is because one is that Sonam doesn’t go out with 3 men in the same month and then go to her ex’s birthday parties, unlike Deepika who does. Another reason is that you don’t see Soman showing all her skin and trying to be nude! Where as you will see Deepika doing this. Just look OSO v.s. Saawariya, Sonam is all covered and looks soooo pretty where as Deepika has almost no clothes on and looks sooo ugly. Another thing that I can’t stand is when Ranbir Kapoor (Deepika’s boyfriend, should be Sonam’s) say’s Deepika is so “shy”, I mean seriously! Come he should be a little more smarter than that, I don’t have anything against the man, I like love him to the utter most, but Sonam is shy. Deepika is not, she goes around wearing almost nude clothes, all her photoshoots are her wearing almost nothing, and the new pictures of her and Upen that came out are just a wrap! My next blog will be about her and Upen so look out for it! Or if you can’t wait just go to google images and type ” Deepika and Upen” and see for yourself! So as you can see SONAM IS WAY BETTER THAN DEEPIKA! Vote about your favorite: Deepika or Sonam: Click on this title, which will bring you on a different page then on the bottom of that page you’ll find a comment box. That is were you can vote!