Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Pictures!!

9 04 2009

Here are all the pictures so far..that I found..of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani starring Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif breaking up because of Shahid??

22 02 2009

Not again!!! How many times will people attempt to break up Salman and Katrina…and this time blaming it on my Shahid!!! Seriously another gossip just so they can get people to read there newspapers/magazines. People just plain out know that Salman and Katrina really love eachother. Anyway they think it’s because of Shahid Kapoor doing a movie with Katrina Kaif…and the whole feud between Salman-Shahid at the Rockstars performance a few years ago. Well Shahid and Salman are over it so why doesn’t the media get over it??? Anyway here’s the article:

According to the buzz, cracks are appearing in yet another Bolly relationship. All”s not well between with the Salman-Katrina jodi. Fights between the couple are increasing. Most of their jhagdas are over Katrina’s career decisions.

Salman has many enemies in the industry,and he doesn”t want his girl to act with them. Until now, Kat played the obedient girlfriend but recently she signed a film with Shahid Kapoor. When Khan heard that she”d signed a film with Kapoor, he was furious. Sallu and Shahid have not been on talking terms since the Rockstar shows last year.

Sallu didn”t know!

Says a source, “Katrina signed Raj Santoshi”s untitled film with Shahid, despite knowing there were problems between Shahid and her beau, who is not in the mood to forgive or forget this over-stepping.

Sallu feels Kat owes her career to him, and even if she didn”t, as her boyfriend and a senior actor, he thinks she should discuss her projects with him. Of late, Kaif has started making her own decisions without consulting Salman.

Some time back, she was in Sydney shooting for Singh Is Kinng and it was only when Salman called her, that he learned she was shooting with Akshay Kumar for Vipul Shah”s film. He was shocked! He even didn”t know about her film with Ranbir Kapoor with Yash Raj, till he read about it in the papers.”

Naturally, Salman doesn”t want Katrina to go ahead with the Shahid film. Says an insider, “He has made his displeasure clear. But Salman will never forbid Katrina to work with anyone.

He gives people space but he”s very hurt that she would choose to sign a film with a known enemy. Katrina should have respected his feelings. Even Salman”s friends and family don”t sign people Salman doesn”t like to work in their films.”

After the whole thing blew out of proportion, Katrina is believed to have back-tracked from her commitment. When quizzed about it, Katrina who is currently shooting in Australia for Singh Is Kinng denies that she”s having second thoughts about the film, “That”s ridiculous! We are all waiting to work out dates with Shahid.”

Time to change

However Director Raj Kumar Santoshi denies that Shahid”s dates are a problem, “Shahid is a very professional, helpful and cooperative boy. His dates have never been a problem.

“However he admits that the film will not go on to the floors for sometime now. “When I saw Jab We Met I realised that some part of it is similar to mine and was clashing with mine so I decided to change the script.”

Originally, it was a love story, but now it can be anything a love story, a political satire or comedy. Shahid liked the original character tremendously.


When I marry the world will know:Katrina Kaif

2 02 2009

Katrina Kaif sets all the rumors of her getting married straight, I guess now those rumors will come to an end until the gal is really getting married! I guess some weight is off her shoulders.

Many times news of Katrina getting married to beau Salman Khan erupted but every time, it turned out to be a great joke. Recently when a Marathi daily published another such type of news and making it even stronger by quoting Salman’s father Salim Khan, Katrina reacted strongly and denied any such type of happening and asked the media to clear up the news.

Regarding the rumor, she says, “It’s complete rubbish. When I marry the world will know. Right now I’ve no such plans.” Katrina remarked about media frequently making their marriage a breaking news, “That’s bound to happen. If you’re a public figure and at the end of the day neither of the party is clarifying anything, there’s bound to be a lot of speculation and unnecessary comment. But I’m not going to get provoked into giving explanations. Because once they start, they never end.”

Katrina had a high expectation from Yuvraaj but everything shattered when the film fail to spell magic and she felt little disheartened as her combination with beau Salman Khan did not work. Currently, she is shooting with Ranbir Kapoor for Rajkumar Santhoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani.

Ranbir hits Katrina on the face hurting her nose!

7 12 2008


                                                                                (It’s two different pics..not one! Sorry 🙂 )

Mumbai, December 07: Bollywood glam doll Katrina Kaif recently got hit on the face by Ranbir Kapoor when the two were shooting for Raj Kumar Santoshi’s ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani’ at Madh Island.

The director had to cancel the shooting as they had to seek medical attention for injured Kat.

 According to reports, after Ranbir hit Katrina on her face, a nurse had to come for the actress’ rescue, and help her with the injured nose. The incident happened on Monday evening when the stars were shooting a chase sequence for their upcoming film.

A member of the crew reveals, “An elaborate set was created at Madh Island and it was a chase sequence where Ranbir and Katrina were supposed to be running away from some goons. All was fine till the point where Ranbir needed to suddenly turn around. He did that but in the bargain hit Katrina’s nose with his hand and the delicate actress went tumbling to the ground. She was in great pain but realised that it was unintentional, so she didn’t complain.”

The shoot was, therefore, called off for the day and even the following day Katrina went to see a doctor so the schedule could not be completed. Well, Ranbir must be hoping that Salman doesn’t take this episode to the heart!

~Ahh! Well it was a mistake…so we forgive poor Ranbir who was probably sooo sorry and scared! We still love you Ranbir! Hope Katrina gets better!

Katrina Kaif: “A day off is such a waste of time”

4 12 2008


Mumbai, Dec 04: Looks like Katrina is not just a pretty face but also a hardcore workaholic and her co-stars and crew second the notion. After a saga of hits, Katrina recently faced a set-back in her recent release opposite beau Salman Khan in ‘Yuvvraaj’. Perhaps, that’s why she’s not willing to waste even a single minute on the sets. Must say, that’s some dedication Kats! 

While shooting for her latest venture, ‘Ajab Pyaar Ki Ghazab Kahaani’, Kat was apparently pissed off with the director for calling off the shoot whilst the beauty was getting her minimal dialogues right and decking up the pretty-face.

A source close to the actress revealed, “The incident occurred on the sets of ‘Ajab Pyaar Ki Ghazab Kahaani’. It was pouring cats and dogs that day. Rajkumar Santoshi had no choice but cancel the shooting of the film. While the lead star Ranbir Kapoor and the entire unit rejoiced at the thought of having an entire day off, Katrina was saddened by it.

“A day off is such a waste of time,” Katrina was heard saying. “She wished work would continue as usual. Katrina enjoys being occupied with work all the time because she puts her heart and soul in it. She always says that there’s no substitute to hard work.”

~Well said Kats! Keep up the spirit!

Goa is Mumbai for Katrina and Ranbir!

3 12 2008


Bollywood is based in Mumbai and just when everyone thought that the recent terror attacks would force the film industry to look for another base, B’town has proved them wrong!

The performances scheduled for 31st December in five star hotels by films stars have not been cancelled; neither the shoots postponed which were to happen in Mumbai.

Rajkumar Santoshi too has a Gajab (weird) way of showing the world that no filmmaker will be scared of making his films in Mumbai. He showed that he too is a fearless Mumbaikar by shooting his film in Mumbai inspite of the terror attacks.

A source who witnessed the shoot revealed, “Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were shooting a stunt scene near Aksa beach on the Madh-Marve route of Malad, Mumbai on Friday and Saturday, and inspite of the army operations still on! Rajkumar Santoshi had tried to recreate Goa in Mumbai. And the scene that was being shot had Ranbir and Katrina speeding away on a bike, since they were being chased by a few villains. The film was Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani.”

Now leaving the safe beaches of Goa, why would someone risk their life in Mumbai, trying to make Mumbai look like Goa? Phew!

Guess, its Mumbai’s X factor that brings people back to her and Bollywood is her baby afterall! By the way Upen Patel is also in this movie!