No shoots with Shahid:Kareena

18 05 2010

We had heard that Kareena Kapoor will do anything for Boney Kapoor’s Milenge Milenge, but the truth is far from otherwise.

The top actress has been giving grief to the producer by postponing and not giving dates to shoot the promotional video, which on her request is being shot separately, and not with Shahid.

After her break-up with Shahid Kapoor, it has become next to impossible to get both of them in the same frame. With Milenge Milenge being stuck in the pipeline for the longest time, this dilly-dallying by Bebo has been a further hindrance.

A source from the unit reveals, “On Kareena’s say they decided to shoot the promotional video separately and merge them while editing. Shahid shot his part, and Bebo still had to finish her part. But the actress kept postponing and giving her dates to her other projects. She was busy shooting for Stepmom and now it is Golmaal 3 in Goa.”

The source continues, “Boney had a word with Kareeena while she was in Goa and plans were also getting implemented for them to go shoot her part in Goa. But her hectic schedule in Goa also cancelled this plan.

Now that she is returning back to Mumbai, he plans to get her dates and finish off her portion for the promotional video as soon as possible.”

When contacted Boney he says, “The promotional video was never meant to be shot together. Shahid has already shot his part and Kareena was supposed to shoot separately her part when she was in town for Stepmom photo shoots, but it couldn’t happen then.”

He adds, “Kareena is currently in Goa shooting for Golmaal 3 and will do her part very soon. We will be shooting in an outdoor location because we require a sunset scene.”

Kareena Kapoor was unavailable for comment.


Iranian shaadi for Shahid?

12 05 2010

Shahid Kapoor is on the groom wish list of many. But earlier this week, an Iranian woman created a ruckus at Mumbai international airport when she demanded to meet Shahid so that she could marry him .

Parvena Fagari was clutching an album of Shahid’s photos, and desperately seeking his address. Attempts to placate her led to an angry Fagari tearing up her passport!

“Airport officials handed her over to the police. Officers at Sahar Police Station said she must have seen Shahid’s latest flick and followed him to Mumbai,” said Arwind Shirke, sub-inspector, Sahar Police Station. Police have informed the Iranian Embassy as she has no money and no passport to return to her country.


My antenna for love is on up:Anushka

8 05 2010

Anushka Sharma was linked to her co-star Shahid Kapoor during the making of their movie.

However, the actress has already denied those rumours. Anushka, who will be seen in Patiala House with Akshay Kumar, seems to be busy romancing Bollywood biggies on the big screen (she made her debut opposite Shahrukh Khan , remember?). So, isn’t love important to her? “There’s no time for love. Relationships require commitment. I’m too selfish at the moment to be in one. My antenna is not up for love,” she smiles.

Priyanka denies Shahid link-up!

21 04 2010

April 21, 2010, (Sawf News) – Priyanka Chopra took to her Twitter account on April 21 to deny that she and Shahid Kapoor  are an item once again.

Responding to a Mid Day report that they had hooked up again, Priyanka tweeted.

“I’m almost scared to tweet nething(sic) now cause of journos and their overactive imaginations who make up stories by just presuming my mindframe.”

We take that as a denial, though she wasn’t being specific…Not that she ever acknowledged being with Shahid.

Considering that the Mid Day report was based on nothing more than their reporter’s feeling that the two had lately sounded lovelorn on Twitter, we didn’t consider it even good rumor mongering, let alone good reporting.

But hey! Nothing wrong in denying it!

I’m willing to work with Kareena again:Shahid

21 04 2010

A lot has happened, in your life, since Jab We Met

True. All for good I guess. I’ve become more mature and responsible, understood my flaws and learned from my mistakes.

And what would they be?

I think we all prefer to keep our flaws and mistakes to ourselves. I learned from them and that’s all that matters. Same with my strengths. So, yeah, life has been good and challenging. I am taking it as it comes.

We also read reports that you are doing Air Force training for Mausam?

Yes. I am playing an Air Force pilot in the film, and I think it is important that I do some background research. It involves a lot of national security issues, but if I get the permission it is nice to learn something.

What is happening with Milenge Milenge?

I have done my part and am promoting the film. I am doing what I am asked to.

 Will you be promoting it with Kareena Kapoor?

I don’t know. If I am asked to, sure.

Would you work with her again?

Nothing has been offered to us yet but yeah, why not?

What about Mausam? The film is already creating quite a buzz…

True. It’s funny but nice that the film is being talked about so much, even before shooting. Shooting starts soon and I’ll be able to talk more about it then.

Shahid looks like Devdas: Sonam Kapoor

21 04 2010

Shahid Kapur is a changed man. He has been seen sporting a full-grown beard lately. His facial makeover made Sonam Kapoor, his co- star in the movie Mausam, tweet: “Shahid is looking like a Devdas!”

 Before you start believing, we must say that the look is for Mausam. “The beard is a test-look for Mausam. The shooting will start in two to three weeks and we are trying out different looks to suit the character,” Shahid says.

He tweeted about his beard too. “Starting to get used to the beard… but it’s weird how it takes u into a state of mind… mmmm the power of the beard.” Shahid will play a pilot in the movie.