Shammi uncles a kid: Ranbir Kapoor

23 05 2010
Veteran actor Shammi Kapoor is a favourite among audiences for his jolly acting and crazy dance moves and guess what, the septuagenarian is still a kid at heart, says family member Ranbir Kapoor.
“Shammi Kapoor had a style of his own. His style was different and unique. After so many years, he is still a kid. Recently he has seen a lot of downfall due to bad health but he has not lost his zest for life,” said Ranbir, who is the grandson of Shammi Kapoor’s late brother, Raj Kapoor.

“He still drives his own car and takes his wife to Paris for holidays. He’ll be remembered forever,” he said.


Deepika meet Shammi Kapoor!

7 04 2010

Yesterday Deepika Padukone met the legendary actor Shammi Kapoor at his residence. Deepika reached the veteran actor’s Walkeshwar house in the evening and spent more than two hours with him and his family. The pretty actress was thrilled as she also had dinner with Shammi Kapoor.

Incidentally, the legendary actor had been praising Deepika for a long time on a micro-blogging site and had also expressed his desire to meet her. Deepika had responded by promising him to promptly meet him.

A close friend of Deepika said, “Shammi Kapoor and Deepika had a long conversation. Shammi loved her performance in Om Shanti Om and Love Aaj Kal. Deepika was flattered when he told her that she is one of the finest actresses and that he is her ardent fan. Deepika told Shammiji that his compliments mean the world to her and she considers it as one of the best days in her life.

They also had a long conversation about his experiences and the Hindi film industry. Shammiji advised her on several matters and also discussed several of his hit films. Deepika, who has also seen most of his films, was particularly excited about discussing his trademark dancing style.”

Deepika was reluctant to speak about the meeting and said, “I don’t want to discuss our conversation as it is personal and I would like to keep it that way.”

On being probed further, she said, “It was fun and I had a great evening. He took good care of me and we chatted over coffee and some good food.”

Zee Awards: The Fashion/Facial Police (me) Tells It Like It Is!

29 08 2008

On Sunday, April 28, 2008, the stars all gathered together in London, to recieve some shiny metal. There were those who knew that they were going to an awards ceremony, and then there were those that dressed like it was  time for bed! Acting as the fashion police for this red carpet, i’m going to call the shots and tell it like it is. The grading scale will go from 1(what the hell were they thinking) up to 5(wow! now let me steal that!). Feel free to agree or disagree!

                                                                                                            ~ CharmedbyU 🙂

Pictures provided by bollywood hungama, all rights are reserved to their rightful owners:



Yes… I Know I’m Hot!!!!!!!


I’ll just stand here and do Um… nothing!


Like my mustache…and what about my glasses… Hot isn’t it !!!


I love Kareena but why is she so oily? Like her tan! And Why is Saif looking at her purse so deeply… I think he’s planning to rob it and run for it….


Kareena: We’re a real couple..honest to god… Um… It isn’t working out as I planned!!

Um… Is he going to say something, or is he trying to kiss someone?


Yeah.. I’ll just stand and say nothing!


What the hell you lookin at?


Someone is happy or on drugs!


I’m better than you so I stick my tongue out!



Let’s just walk and say nothing…

Um… No… I didn’t… Um…. Okay… I’m going to faint… WATER!!!!!!!!!!!


Um… Hello… How are you?… Fine..


Okay Shilpa Shetty really has dressing issues.



Her dress is fine but her face isn’t!


A little Too much Kajal but very pretty.






Okay someone is REALLY ON DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Pretty as always!!

Nice!!! Whoever she is !!!


Okay… Deepika’s clothes are too ordinary party wear… And she’s a little too stiff.. I guess because Ranbir isn’t around to answer stupid questions given to her.





Horrible jewelery and hair style.


 I shall speak will my eyes closed!

Rishi Gone Wild?

1 05 2008

Zee Awards                 Zee Awards

Remeber the Zee Awards a few days ago? You must also know how the whole Kapoor family came, right? Well of course it wasn’t hard for you to miss them because they put on a show for everyone! Every Kapoor was there, like Kareena Kapoor with Saif Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor with Deepika Padukone ( i don’t understand that couple), Rishi Kapoor with wife Neetu, Shammi Kapoor, and then the others… ( i’m not gonna sit here listing them all!) So the main problem with the Kapoor’s this year was Rishi! You can’t blame the guy he has a son dating a Padukone! So Rishi as every Kapoor took the pain and stress out by swearing (Go Rishi!!!). He started swearing right infront of Ranbir, Neetu, and Deepika. (Hopefully Deepika saw how crazy the Kapoor’s are and will dump Ranbir! I’m only saying this for Ranbir’s benefit)  And I bet Neetu was laughing inside! So there you go another award ceremony, another horrible Kapoor couple, and another Kapoor putting on a show!!