Fan sues Salman Khan!

28 02 2010

Salman Khan, who is known for his charity and generosity towards his fans, found his actions being questioned by someone who not too long ago was at the receiving end of his charm. A 30-year-old physically challenged lady has accused him of using her photographs to promote his film Veer and is also demanding to be compensated.

In April 2009, when Salman was shooting at Mehboob Studio in Mumbai, physically-challenged Phoolbanu Bakshi Sheikh insisted on meeting the star. When the actor’s assistant on the sets told her he was busy and could not meet her, Sheikh refused to leave until her demand was met. According to reports, the commotion drew Salman out of the vanity van. He met Sheikh, who was accompanied by two more women, on the sets and chatted with all of them for over an hour. Reports also stated that the actor had donated Rs 1 lakh to Sheikh.

Almost nine months after the incident, Sheikh has now accused the actor of using her photographs to show his softer side for promoting Veer. Sheikh complained, “It is true. I wanted to meet Salman badly. I am a poor woman and have been paralysed since birth. I used to worship Salman since I was a child. I am grateful to him as he gave us his precious time despite his hectic schedule. But I was shocked to know that it was just for publicising his film.”

“We have filed a complaint with the Gurgaon metropolitan magistrate court and have demanded Rs 25 lakh as compensation,” said Iqbal Solekar, the complainant’s lawyer. Salman’s secretary, Vikas Kapoor, said, “We are unaware of this defamation filed against Salman. And do you think Salman would do anything just to promote his film?” Senior inspector of Aarey police station, Mumbai, said, “We have received a complaint against actor Salman Khan and will be forwarding it to the Bandra police as the matter is concerning their jurisdiction.”

My Word: Salman was doing something nice for them! Why do people always jump the steps..thinking they are the world?? I’m all for Salman 🙂

I know Kat better than anyone else:Salman

30 01 2010

While the whole film fraternity is comparing Salman’s Veer co-actress Zarine Khan with Katrina Kaif, Salman is repeatedly denying it.

“When Salman attended a dance reality show to promote his movie Veer, he said to Mithun Charaborty, : “Dada, the press guys are hell-bent on making me accept that Zarine (’Veer’) looks like Katrina and I’m tired of telling them she is not even close to her.”

“Nobody knows Katrina better than me and I’m telling you guys, Zarine does not look like Katrina.”

So folks do you agree with Salman or do you think Katrina and Zarine look similar?

Veer ki Heer: Zarine Khan

22 01 2010

We are talking about Zarine Khan, who got to act opposite Salman in her debut. Zarine says, “I am a pucca Mumbai girl. I used to be a very good student in school. In fact my mom wanted me to become a doctor. However, due to certain personal problems, I couldn’t complete my education and took to modelling to support my family.” As luck would have it, Zarine met Salman on the sets of Yuvvraaj and was chosen to play the lead in Veer. The actress is really excited about her debut film. She says “I hope film does well. I’m pretty much confident that it will.” Let’s see what in store for this newbie in the filmi duniya.

Salman’s super impressed!

30 11 2009

The actor says, “The action sequences involve hundreds of fighters, 1,000 plus horses, hundreds of elephant and camels, including huge sequences such as, a train robbery and a full-fledged war on the battlefield with a combat between troops.

Today, it’s rare to shoot with these large numbers, but director Anil Sharma felt it was a must to have larger than life sets, real locations with real animals, props etc. Art director Sanjay Dhabade has done an excellent job.

At times approximately 500 members of the art department worked at a time to erect various sets taking from 15-40 days to construct.” Looks like the super star is super impressed!

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Exclusive: Veer Trailer Out!!! Starring Salman Khan

25 11 2009

‘Veer’ is the new movie directed by Anil Sharma starring Salman Khan and the Katrina Kaif look alike Lisa Lazarus

Is Katrina a possesive girlfriend??

30 12 2008


Salman Khan has started distancing himself from ‘Veer’ actress Zarine Khan, who looks strikingly similar to Katrina Kaif. The reason is girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s presence on the sets.

The shooting of ‘Veer’ at Film City begins by 2 pm and ends promptly at 6 pm, Katrina regularly visits the sets and hangs around till the day’s shoot wraps up. A source from the sets of ‘Veer’ said, “Zarine Khan is making every effort to get friendly with Salman. However, Salman Khan is in a different mood ever since the shooting at Film City began. Incidentally, he turned aloof just when Katrina Kaif started visiting him on the sets. Considering that Katrina seldom visits Salman’s sets, this new development has caught the unit of the film off guard.”

Commenting on how Salman Khan ignores his Katrina look-alike actress Zarine, we were told, “Often Zarine pulls up a chair to sit near Salman Khan but he does not pay attention. When Zarine tries to talk to Salman, he only replies in monosyllables. This only discourages her further. And if Katrina Kaif is around, Salman Khan only pays attention to Katrina by spending all his free time with her.”

Katrina did not deny that she had been on the sets of ‘Veer’ and said, “Yes, I did go to the sets of ‘Veer’ but only one day. That’s because Anil Sharma, the director of ‘Veer’ is my friend.” Vijay Galani, producer of ‘Veer’ said, “Katrina came to Film City on Tuesday, though she has come to the sets of ‘Veer’ a few times earlier too. But Katrina and Zarine get along very well.”

So we don’t know which version to believe. Our guess is as good as yours!