Harman and Priyanka together!

23 10 2009

It maybe recalled that Priyanka was rumoured to be dating Harman but they severed all ties following the debacle of Love Story 2050. Then they got closer during the making of Madhur Bhandarkar’s What’s Your Raashee? This film also failed at the box-office but the lead pair continued to bond.

It is said that Harman invited Priyanka to Diwali celebrations on behalf of his father Harry Baweja and mother Pammi Baweja. The actress obliged to the invitation and joined the Baweja family at mid-night. She spent a few hours with them.

Harman and Priyanka have denied having any affair but sources said that they are more than just friends. Well, there can’t be smoke without fire. What do you day!

Priyanka gets blue streaks!

18 10 2009

Priyanka Chopra is going for a new look and this time with blue streaks in her hair. It looks okay but I hope she removes it, because it doesn’t suit her. But I give her a plus ponit for at least trying. Go Pranks 🙂

“Oh, this is not for any movie. I have done it for myself. All these years I have been doing something or the other for a movie, but these blue streaks are just for fun. An idea that occurred to me randomly and I went ahead with it,”  Priyanka told IANS. “There are times when you want to do something different, I guess that is where the idea came from,” added the actress who played 12 different characters in her recently released “What’s Your Raashee?”.

Dressed in a cream short dress, Priyanka was here to support her designer friend Manish Malhotra who was showcasing his collection at the HDIL India Couture Week Wednesday.

“Manish is a very good friend. He makes clothes that are fabulous. I am here to cheer him,” she said.

Priyanka w/ blue streaks...on the tips of her hair!

Priyanka w/ blue streaks...on the tips of her hair!


Harman on Priyanka…I don’t want to say ‘no’ !!!

12 10 2009

WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I was alway’s hoping that Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja become a off-screen couple, ever since watch ‘Love Story 2050’ and now I want them to become more of a off-screen couple after watching ‘What’s Your Raashee?’ (Watch it, it’s great!!). Anyway in an interview a few day’s ago Harman admits that he won’t say that he’s not dating Priyanka!! So Harman’s hanging on and so is Priyanka!!

How does Harman react to all the rumours floating around about his films and love affairs? “I just ignore all the rumours.” But that doesn’t stop us from asking him about Piggy Chops. “I want to keep things private.” So is there nothing between Harman and Priyanka? “I don’t want to say ‘no’ either because if something happens in future then people would say that I had said earlier that there is nothing between us. So I don’t want to say either yes or no.” He says, “Every woman has a special quality in her, it is the man who has to see it in her and if he doesn’t see then it’s his loss.”


Harman, Priyanka, and the 12 Songs!!

26 09 2009

Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra are good friends, of course! But they must be better friends than they or the world realises.

A little birdie tells us that even their idea of romance is similar uh, did we say similar? Sorry, we meant identical!

Almost a year back, when the duo was asked about the most romantic thing someone’s done for them or the most romantic thing they’ve done for someone at separate interviews, the two had co-incidentally mentioned the same gift, but without mentioning the names of the person involved.

 Harman : “Well, I once made a cd with 12 of my favourite songs and I did a voiceover before each song.” 

In a different interview Priyanka was asked what somei

‘What’s Your Rashee’ has 13 songs!!

16 06 2009

Ashutosh Gowariker is one film-maker who is least perturbed by the length/running time of his films. If a story has to be conveyed most convincingly and if it requires more than 3 hours to narrate it, Ashu would do just that. His last three films – LAGAAN, SWADES and JODHAA AKBAR – had a running time of more than 3 hours. In fact, in the case of JODHAA AKBAR, it’s said that Ashu had brought down the running time from almost 4 hours to 3.20 hours.

Now, looks like his latest film WHAT’S YOUR RAASHEE? might follow his earlier films as far as the running time is concerned. In fact, not many are aware that there are as many as 13 songs in WHAT’S YOUR RAASHEE?. “Yes, 13 songs,” the talented film-maker confirms. Won’t that make it a lengthy experience? “But when have I ever got deterred by the length of the film?” pat comes the reply. Very true!

I still feel insecure: Priyanka Chopra

16 05 2009

Priyanka say’s that every day she has her share of doubts that wonder through her mind, everyone does. But to me Priyanka is doing a great job in Bollywood so far and has no need to worry about the future!!

Priyanka Chopra has admitted that she feels insecure, despite her recent critical and commercial success.

The 26-year-old actress is still anxious about her public perception even though she won the Filmfare best actress award for her role in Fashion last year.

Speaking at a press conference, Chopra said: “I do get up some mornings with some insecurities, wondering whether people will like me or not, whether I am good enough or not.”

The former Miss World recently wrapped up shooting on Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey and is currently working on Jugal Hansraj’s Pyaar Impossible.

Chopra has also agreed a deal to star alongside Harman Baweja in What’s Your Rashee.